Competition and Disciplines


The Competition

Arm prosthesis pilot solves task at the table - inserting a computer stick

The CYBATHLON Competition

In the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition, teams from all over the world compete in one of the six disciplines. A team consists of a technology developer and a person with disabilities (pilot). The tasks in the respective disciplines are designed to reflect everyday activities that can be challenging for people with disabilities. While solving the respective tasks in competition, it is shown how well the developed technology is suited to support the pilot in everyday life.

Referee checks if everything is in accordance with the rules.

Races and Rules 

For the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition the teams will set up their infrastructure for the competition. The tasks and rules are defined in detail for each of the six disciplines. Most important is that the pilots complete the tasks correct, safe and secure. Time comes in as a secondary factor.

Races and Rules

The six Disciplines 

Click on one of the six CYBATHLON disciplines to learn more about the competition and the challenges in each discipline.


Powered Arm Prosthesis Race

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Brain-Computer Interface Race

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Exoskeleton pilots congratulate each other


Powered Exoskeleton Race

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Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race

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Powered Leg Prosthesis Race

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Powered Wheelchair Race

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