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CYBATHLON Challenges: 02 February 2024

Summary of the conditions of participation and the rules and regulations of the CYBATHLON Challenges February 2024.

Registration closes on 30 September 2023.

Do you want to register as a team for the CYBATHLON Challenges 2024?

CYBATHLON welcomes teams from diverse backgrounds, including universities, research institutions, startups, and industry professionals. Whether you are a person with a disability, engineer, scientist, programmer, or designer, or if you have a passion for advancing assistive technology, CYBATHLON provides the perfect platform for you to unleash your potential.

It is not necessary that your team is registered for the CYBATHLON 2024 to participate in the Challenges.

We will also held a test competition for the BCI and FES disciplines ahead of the CYBATHLON Challenges 2024. The test competition will take place on 28th September 2023. We will be testing the new setup and games of the BCI and FES disciplines to be ready for next year's CYBATHLON Challenges, while at the same time you can test your equipment and train with your pilot in a competitive environment. The tasks are the same as for the CYBATHLON Challenges 2024 (click here fore more information about the test competition). 

-> Watch the CYBATHLON Challenges 2023 Competition Highlights


Do you have any questions about registering a team?

Contact Katja Stoffels at

Event Format and CYBATHLON Hubs

The CYBATHLON Challenges 2024 will be held decentrally at the teams' home institution (team hub) and at the ETH Hub in Switzerland set up by the CYBATHLON organisers.

Teams can decide whether they want to travel to the ETH Hub and start there or set up their own team hub and participate remotely.

The ETH Hub will be located in the region of Zurich, Switzerland. Detailed information on the location will follow later.

More information about how to set up a local hub can be found in the Challenges General Guidelines

Disciplines and Tasks

For the CYBATHLON Challenges in February 2024 there will be races in all of the 8 CYBATHLON disciplines:

Each race consist of four tasks per discipline from the CYBATHLON 2024 Races and Rules.

More information about the tasks of each disciplines can be found in the Challenges 2024 Races and Rules

Starting slots

Depending on the discipline, four to eight (4-8) starting slots are available.

The total number of pilots eligible to start in the CYBATHLON Challenges 2024 is limited to forty-four (44).

Registrants will be eligible on a first-come, first-served basis.

If all starting slots are taken, a team can still register for the waiting list and then have priority to join the competition if a registered team drops out or withdraws. 

Depending on the number of registrations, we may adjust the number of starting slots per discipline after the registration deadline and increase them in disciplines with high demand. 

Registration closes on 30 September 2023.

Allocation of starting slots per discipline:

ARM:   8

LEG:    4

BCI:     4

FES:    4

EXO:   4

WHL:  4

ROB:   4

VIS:     4

  • Remaining Starting Slots

  • ARM

  • LEG

  • BCI

  • FES

  • EXO

  • WHL

  • ROB

  • VIS


Competition mode

Each team has two attempts (races) at the competition to solve the four tasks (except for the FES discipline with only one run), with the better run counting.

A discipline session is finished after the last team has finished its second race. The final ranking has been determined. A winner’s interview will be conducted.

Competition Infrastructure

Teams competiting from home must set up their own competition site (a team hub). Some of the required competition material will be shipped to you by the CYBATHLON organisers, other material has to be provided by the teams. A detailed list of the required material for each task including the source of supply and instructions on how to build the infrastructure can be found in the Appendix of the Races and Rules CYBATHLON 2024.

See Appendix I Competition Infrastructure

Conditions of Participation

To participate in the CYBATHLON Challenges 2023, a full TecCheck (technical check of the device) and MedCheck medical check of the pilot) are mandatory, with which the eligibility criteria and the safety as stated in the CYBATHLON Races and Rules are verified.

Pilots who have already participated in another CYBATHLON event in the period 2021 - 2024, e.g., another CYBATHLON Challenges, and have completed MedCheck 1 and MedCheck 2 with confirmed eligibility, do not have to complete it again, provided there are no changes in the pilot's health condition.

Furthermore, teams must meet the deadlines listed below under "Important Dates and Deadlines".

Click here to read more about the TecCheck process ->

Click here to read more about the MedCheck process ->

Read more in the Terms & Conditions

Important Dates and Deadlines

30 Sept 2023           Team registration closes

Oct 2023                   Opening of TecCheck and MedCheck process

Nov 2023                  Shipping of material to teams’ hubs (competition infrastructure and branding material)

17 Dec 2023              Communication material
                                   Deadline for text, photos, videos of your team including your pilot and assistive                                                                     technology for pre-event communication and livestream content. Please send content as soon as                                         possible

17 Dec 2023              TecCheck and MedCheck 1
                                   Deadline for submission of written TecCheck documentation
                                   Deadline for submission of online registration form for pilots including mandatory attachments      

08 - 19 Jan 2024       Test sessions for Team Hubs
                                   (Technical infrastructure check, video signal connectivity, results system components test run
                                   - important: the tests must be carried out at the team's local race venue)

19 Jan 2024               TecCheck and MedCheck 2
                                    Deadline for completion of full TecCheck and MedCheck (remote call)

End of Jan 2024        Technical Meeting (zoom call) with final instructions for rehearsal and competition days

01 Feb 2024               Rehearsal including course check with team hubs in all disciplines

02 Feb 2024              Competition and live streaming all disciplines

More information about the dates and deadlines can be found in the Challenges General Guidelines

Production and Live Stream

Teams participating from their own hub (team hub) film their races themselves and send the video and audio signal to our production company. Filming with a cell phone on a gimbal is sufficient.

The competition will be procuded live and broadcasted live

More information about the requirement for broadcasting can be found in the Challenges General Guidelines

Online Registration

Please carefully read the official documents before registering your team:

Then follow the online registration process on our website to register your team.

If you would like to start with your team in the Zurich hub, please make a note in your registration form under "Remarks".

After submission of the registration form, the CYBATHLON organisers will check your data and confirm the registration.

If a team has already participated in previous CYBATHLON events (from 2020), the team profile already exists in our database and does not need to be registered again. In this case, we ask the team manager to contact us at We link the team manager's personal user profile to the existing team profile, giving the team manager access to the team dashboard where they can register the team for the event.

The registration will become valid and binding only after acceptance of the registration by the CYBATHLON organisers.

Registration closes on 30 September 2023. 

Register now for the Challenges 2024

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Registration closes on 30 September 2023

BCI, FES Test Competition Sept 2023

We will hold a test competition ahead of the CYBATHLON Challenges 2024. The test competition will take place on 28th September 2023.


New setup and games

We are testing the new setup and games of the two disciplines BCI and FES and reviewing the competition management and production processes to be ready for next year's CYBATHLON Challenges. The tasks are the same as for the CYBATHLON Challenges 2024.

Take this as an opportunity to test your device and train with your pilot in a competitive environment and learn more about the processes.

Contact us

Are you interested in BCI, FES Test Competition?

Please contact Katja Stoffels at

Questions & Answers

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