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Information about team registration for CYBATHLON 2024.

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The following information is a summary of the conditions of participation and the rules and regulations of the CYBATHLON 2024 and therefore does not claim to be complete.

Please read the official documents carefully before registering your team for the CYBATHLON 2024:


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Races and Rules CYBATHLON 2024

  • Information about the Races and Rules

    Two New Disciplines

    Since the inaugural event in 2016, CYBATHLON has challenged pilots and development teams alike pushing the boundaries of assistive technologyies. The new period sees the continuation of the original six competition disciplines and the addition of two new disciplines in the areas of assistant robots and vision assistance technologies.

    More Uncertainty and Variability

    While the competition tasks for CYBATHLON 2016 and 2020 were specified to a very high degree, tasks for CYBATHLON 2024 will be designed with task-specific uncertainty in most disciplines. Compared to previous competitions, this will require improved control, faster and advanced dynamics, increased functional flexibility of the assistive devices and more ad-hoc selection of the task solving strategy by the pilots as compared to previous competitions.

    The aim of adding variability to the competition tasks is to better account for daily life situations, where the exact circumstances of a given task are not always known, or constant over time and across different locations.

    Learning from Previous Competitions and Feedback

    The new and adapted competition tasks build on the performances of the teams in the previous CYBATHLON events and recent technical developments in the respective fields. Feedback from the teams, pilots, and other stakeholders on previous tasks is always considered when developing new tasks. At the same time, many of the basic principles of previous CYBATHLON competitions will continue to define the character and nature of upcoming events. Safety and fairness have the highest priority.

  • CAD Models of Race Tasks

    View the CAD model of the disciplines ARM, LEG, EXO, WHL, ROB and VIS in your web browser

    Please click on one of the weblinks below to see the CYBATHLON Races and Rules CAD model of the disciplines ARM, LEG, EXO, WHL, ROB and VIS in your web browser. There you can use your pc mouse to navigate within the model and use the functions in the toolbar (e.g. measure) to investigate the model. As soon as your team has registered for CYBATHLON 2024 and received a login for the team dashboard, you can also download the CAD files.

    Please click on the links below to access the .skp files via Trimble:


  • Registration Process

    General Information

    Before you set up a team and start the registration process, please read the CYBATHLON Races and Rules as well as the Terms and Conditions of the CYBATHLON 2024 carefully.

    Registration for the CYBATHLON 2024 closes on 30 April 2024.

    To register a team, please follow the online registration process (for information see below).

    If you intend to register a team for more than one discipline, please complete one team registration per discipline. Only team managers are eligible to register a team.

    After the submission of your completed team registration form, CYBATHLON reviews and verifies your form and sets up a call with your team, to give you the opportunity to show your project and technology in a short presentation and to answer questions.

    After the registration has been accepted by the CYBATHLON Organising Committee, and after receipt of your payment of the starting slot fee, your registration will become valid and binding, and your starting slot is confirmed.

    Register your team now for the CYBATHLON 2024

  • Online Registration

    User Profile

    In order to register a team, the team manager must register on the CYBATHLON Platform with a personal profile. You can find the registration here. Only team managers are eligible to register a team.

    The team manager is asked to provide their given name, surname, country and e-mail address. If the e-mail address has already been used, the team manager can log in with the e-mail address and password or reset the password.

    Please find information about data protection in CYBATHLON’s Privacy Policy.

    The team manager can access the Dashboard "myCYBATHLON" with the personal profile. In the Dashboard, the team manager can register a team for events.

    Team Registration

    If the team has already participated in previous CYBATHLON events, the team’s name already exists, and the team does not need to be registered again. In this case, please contact CYBATHLON’s team manager at We will link the team manager's personal profile with the existing team profile, so that the team manager gains access to the team profile.

    If the team wants to register for a CYBATHLON event for the first time, the team manager is asked to register the team as follows:

    For the registration of a team, the team manager is asked to select a discipline. If the team manager intends to register a team for more than one discipline, one team registration has to be completed per discipline. The team manager chooses a team name, and specifies the type and name of the organisation, the address and information about the partner organisation, if the team is working with a cooperating partner.

    Event Registration

    In order to complete the team registration, the team must register for an event. Only then is the registration complete and will be reviewed by the CYBATHLON Organising Committee and the Head of Discipline.

    To register for an event, the team manager must read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the respective event.

    The team manager is asked to describe the project and device that is intended for participation in the respective event, in its current state. The team is reviewed and verified on this basis.

    In the last step, the team manager can choose the pilot for the respective event, provided that the pilot has a personal account on the CYBATHLON Platform and is member of the team’s profile. If the pilot is not part of the team’s profile at this stage, the team manager has the option of inviting and adding the pilot to the team and event at a later stage.

    Verification and Acceptance

    After the complete transmission of the team registration, including event registration, the registration is reviewed and verified by the CYBATHLON Organising Committee. After the acceptance of the team, the team manager has full access to the Dashboard “myCYBATHLON” and can complete all tasks in preparation for an event, such as the TecCheck and MedCheck. Further, the team manager can update the team profile, add team members and pilots, and register the team for further events. The information of the team profile will also be available to the public on from the time of acceptance.

Requirements for Participation

  • Eligibility Criteria


    A team must consist of a technology provider and a pilot. Further team officials are allowed. Each team must be managed by a team manager. A team can only participate in one discipline. Only one pilot can participate per team per discipline. In order to compete in several disciplines, the same institution can register more than one team.

    Pilot Eligibility Criteria

    Pilots must must be at least 18 years, have sufficient cognitive and communicative abilities to understand the Races and Rules, meet the discipline-specific pilot eligibility criteria, and pass all steps of the MedCheck. If an assistive device is implanted in the pilot’s body the implants must be medically stable for at least six months and free of complications prior to and at the time of the competition. If the implanted assistive device or parts thereof are research prototypes, the team must have an approval of the responsible regulatory body governing the institution of the participating team.

    Technology Eligibility Criteria

    It is allowed to use a commercial device, a modified version of a commercial device, prototypes or research devices. Assistive devices or components thereof that are implanted in the pilot’s body (e.g. electrodes, sensors, osseointegration) are eligible to participate. In any case, the assistive device must be safe for the pilot and their environment at any time, and pass all steps of the TecCheck. After all requirements of the TecCheck have been met, no further changes may be made to the device that would alter the function or the safety of the device. In addition to the predefined review during the TecCheck, additional reviews of a team's assistive device can be carried out by the technical examiners at any time during the competition.

  • MedCheck and TecCheck

    MedCheck and TecCheck

    After registration, teams must submit various documents and fulfill requirements that are necessary for the admission of participation in the CYBATHLON 2024. These include on the one hand the medical examination of the pilot (MedCheck) in relation to the inclusion criteria and on the other hand the examination of the required technical, functional and safety information of the device (TecCheck).

    Detailed information about the requirements for participation as well as the corresponding deadlines can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the CYBATHLON 2024.

Regulations for Team Registration

  • Starting slots

    Starting Slots and Waiting List

    In each of the eight disciplines, 20 pilots can start at the CYBATHLON 2024. The total number of pilots at the CYBATHLON 2024 is 160. Registrants will be eligible on a first-come, first-served basis. The starting slots are allocated according to the registration criteria in the Terms and Conditions of the CYBATHLON 2024. If all starting slots are taken, a team can still register for the waiting list.

  • Multihub format


    The CYBATHLON 2024 will be organised in a multihub format with different hubs around the world. The main Zurich hub of CYBATHLON 2024 will be located at the Arena Schluefweg in Kloten (near Zurich), Switzerland.

    You have the possibility to either travel to Switzerland with your team and start at the Zurich Hub or or participate from your home institution by setting up your own Hub. If you intend to organise a local hub, please contact for more information.

  • Costs

    Starting Slot Fee

    The fee for one starting slot in a discipline is CHF 3,000. It includes services such as MedCheck, TecCheck and media presence.

    Support Person Fee

    Teams participating in the CYBATHLON 2024 can accredit additional support persons (team members) for admission on site. The accreditations of the pilot, carer and team manager are already included in the starting slot fee. The fee per registered support person at the Zurich Hub will be defined at a later stage, but will be no more than CHF 300. For other hubs, the amount of the fee and the services it includes are defined individually with the hubs.

  • Funding

    Travel Funding

    Teams from universities and non-profit organisations can apply for travel funding for travelling to the Zurich Hub of CYBATHLON 2024. The amount granted differs according to the discipline in which a team participates and the team’s home address.

    Hub Funding

    The conditions and support of a hub are discussed on an individual basis.

  • Withdrawal

    Withdrawing your team registration

    To withdraw the team registration from CYBATHLON 2024, a written statement from the team manager is required and must be sent to

Terms, Definitions and Roles

  • Definitions

    CYBATHLON 2024

    The CYBATHLON 2024 will take place in a global format from 25 – 27 October 2024 in the Arena Schluefweg in Kloten and in hubs worldwide. A total of 160 teams from all around the world in eight different disciplines can participate in the CYBATHLON 2024.

    More about the CYBATHLON 2024


    A team consists of a technology provider (at least one person from a research laboratory, student project or company, or a private individual) and at least one competing pilot (person with a physical disability or visual impairment).


    A hub is local race venue and is organised between the team itself or a local organiser and the CYBATHLON organisers. The organisation of a hub is not part of the Terms and Conditions of the CYBATHLON 2024. For more information, please contact

    CYBATHLON Platform

    The CYBATHLON Platform is the publicly accessible official CYBATHLON website at Every CYBATHLON team participating in the CYBATHLON 2024 is featured on the platform at with its own page, where the following information about the team is publicly available:

    • Team name
    • Photo
    • Discipline
    • Country
    • Website
    • Organisation
    • Partner organisation (if applicable)
    • Social media channels
    • Team portrait (about the team, pilot, device)
    • Results of CYBATHLON events the team has already participated in
    • Videos

    Dashboard "myCYBATHLON"

    The CYBATHLON Dashboard is the password-protected area “myCYBATHLON”, which is only accessible for registered users who belong to a CYBATHLON team. In the CYBATHLON Dashboard, the team can manage its profile. The team manager can register teams and register for events, complete tasks in preparation for an event, such as the TecCheck and MedCheck, and add team members and pilots.


    A predefined process designed to verify that pilots fulfil the general and discipline specific eligibility criteria and to ensure that participation is safe from a medical perspective. The MedCheck is conducted by neutral medical examiners appointed by the CYBATHLON organising committee who will keep the provided information strictly confidential.


    A predefined process designed to systematically verify that an assistive device fulfils the general and discipline specific eligibility criteria, and that the use of the device is safe for the pilots and their environment at any time. The TecCheck is conducted by neutral technical examiners who will keep the provided information confidential.

  • Team Roles

    Team Manager

    Responsible for the team participation in a specific discipline


    Person with a physical disability or visual impairment

    Backup Pilot

    Takes the role of the pilot if the pilot drops out or withdraws from participation

    Support Person

    A team official with specific expertise who supports the team in a specific area (e.g., technician, communication specialist, therapist, etc.)

    Care Person / Caregiver / Carer

    A team member who helps the pilot with activities of daily living

    Hub Manager

    If the team organises a hub of its own for the CYBATHLON 2024 in its home country, the hub manager is responsible for the hub and is the contact person for the CYBATHLON organisers.

  • Remaining Starting Slots

  • ARM

  • BCI

  • EXO

  • FES

  • LEG

  • ROB

  • VIS

  • WHL

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