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Summary of the conditions of participation and the rules and regulations of the CYBATHLON 2024.

Registration for the CYBATHLON 2024 closes on
31 March 2024.

Who can participate?

CYBATHLON welcomes teams from diverse backgrounds, including universities, research institutions, startups, and industry professionals. Whether you are a person with a disability, engineer, scientist, programmer, or designer, or if you have a passion for advancing assistive technology, CYBATHLON provides the perfect platform for you to unleash your potential.


Do you have any questions about registering a team?

Contact Katja Stoffels at

Where will the competition take place?

SWISS Arena Kloten

Zurich Hub:

The CYBATHLON 2024 will be organised in a decentralised format.
The main Zurich hub of the CYBATHLON 2024, organised by the CYBATHLON organisers, will be located at the Arena Schluefweg in Kloten, Switzerland. 
Teams can choose to travel to Zurich, Switzerland and start in the main Zurich hub or set up their own local team hub and participate remotely. 

Map of Arena in Kloten, Switzerland
CYBATHLON helpers, log into the ETH system using a password.

Team Hub:

Teams participating remotely in the CYBATHLON 2024 organise their own local competition site, a team hub.
A team hub can also host multiple teams in one or more disciplines, such as from the same institution or region, to share resources and save costs. 

What are the Requirements for Participation? 

To participate in the CYBATHLON, the following eligibility criteria must be met. However, it is not a requirement that a pilot has already been selected or that a finished prototype of the device is available at the time of registration.

A team consists of a technology provider (at least one person from a research laboratory, student project or company, or a private developer) and a pilot (person with a disability). The pilot can be the technology provider at the same time. Each team is managed by a team manager.  To compete in several disciplines, the same institution can register more than one team.


Pilots must must be at least 18 years, have sufficient cognitive and communicative abilities to understand the Races and Rules, meet the discipline-specific pilot eligibility criteria, and pass all steps of the MedCheck (click here to learn more about the MedCheck). 

A team can register 2 pilots, a main pilot and a backup pilot who takes the role of the pilot if the (primary) pilot drops out or withdraws from participation.

Assistive Technology

It is allowed to use a commercial device, a modified version of a commercial device, prototypes or research devices. Assistive devices or components thereof that are implanted in the pilot’s body (e.g. electrodes, sensors, osseointegration) are eligible to participate. In any case, the assistive device must be safe for the pilot and their environment at any time, and pass all steps of the TecCheck (click here to learn more about the TecCheck). 

Want to know more about the eligibility criteria for pilots and technology? Read the Races & Rules section that applies to your discipline

How to overcome the Competition Tasks?

The races in the various disciplines consist of 10 different tasks, that are designed to simulate real-life activities that people with disabilities face daily. 

You may already be able to solve some tasks, while others may be challenging. Decide within your team and your pilot which tasks you want to focus on, accept the challenge and intensify your training and/or develop your technology further.

A team can always decide to skip one or more tasks. It is not necessary to be able to solve all 10 tasks in order to participate in the CYBATHLON 2024.

As soon as your team has registered for the CYBATHLON 2024, you will receive access to the download area for competition infrastructure-related documents, such as CAD files, 3d printing files, BCI Game and others.

Learn more about the different disciplines and individual tasks ->

Learn more about the competition infrastructure ->


Links to CAD models

Click on the weblinks below to see the CAD model of the track disciplines in your web browser (.skp files via Trimble). Use the functions in the toolbar (e.g. measure) to investigate the model (use your pc mouse to navigate within the model).

As soon as your team has registered for CYBATHLON 2024 you will get access to download the CAD files.

How many Starting Slots are available? 

In each of the eight disciplines, 20 pilots can start at the CYBATHLON 2024. The total number of pilots at the CYBATHLON 2024 is 160. 

Registrants will be eligible on a first-come, first-served basis. If all starting slots are taken, a team can still register for the waiting list and then have priority to join the competition if a registered team drops out or withdraws.

Get to know the teams already registered for CYBATHLON 2024

What are the Registration Criteria?

Until 31 October 2023, the following registration criteria are still valid for each discipline:

  • max 1 technology: an institution/university/start-up/company can register several teams in one discipline, but must have different technology, such as a different concept or device
  • 3 of 20 starting slots can be kept as wildcards by the CYBATHLON organisers

From November 2023 no restrictions apply. 

Registration for the CYBATHLON 2024 closes on 31 March 2024.

Read more about the registration conditions in the CYBATHLON 2024 Terms & Conditions

How much is the Registration Fee and when do I have to pay?

The fee for one starting slot in a discipline is CHF 3,000.

It includes services such as eligibility and safety review process for the device/technology (TecCheck) and the pilot(s) (MedCheck), promotional activities and media presence, services on site or support of the Team Hub. 

To secure the starting slot after registration, a first instalment of CHF 1,000 must be paid within 30 days after invoicing.

The remaining amount can be paid at a later date (different partial payments possible).

Payment of the full amount of the starting slot fee must be received by 30 April 2024 at the latest; otherwise, the starting slot can be given to a team on the waiting list.

Can I apply for Funding?

CYBATHLON offers financial support to teams from universities and non-profit organisations for expenses related to participation in the CYBATHLON, such as setting up the team hub for remote participation (e.g., venue rental and technical equipment) or to support sustainable travel for participation in the Zurich hub).

ETH Zurich is committed to sustainability. CYBATHLON encourages participating teams to look for innovative solutions and to reduce emissions caused by travel as much as possible, thus making an important contribution to a sustainable CYBATHLON 2024.

CYBATHLON has limited funding resources, applications are processed on a first come first served basis. The amount granted depends on the discipline in which a team is participating, the infrastructure provided by the CYBATHLON organisers, and the team's home address.

Registered teams can send their application by email to (provide a brief description of the anticipated costs). The CYBATHLON organisers will review your application and notify you.

Allocation of Funds per Discipline

ARM:  up to CHF  1,000

BCI:    up to CHF  1'000

EXO:   up to CHF 3,000

FES:    up to CHF    500

LEG:    up to CHF 3,000

ROB:   up to CHF  1,500

VIS:    up to CHF   1,500

WHL:   up to CHF 3,000

Is there an additional fee for support persons of my team?

Teams participating in the CYBATHLON 2024 in the main Zurich hub can accredit additional support persons (team officials) for admission on site. The accreditation of the pilot, the carer and the team manager is already included in the starting slot fee. 

The fee per registered support person is max. CHF 300; the exact amount and the maximum number of support persons who can be registered per team will be determined at a later date together with the opening of the registration.

What are the Conditions and Deadlines for Participation? 

In order to participate in the CYBATHLON 2024, teams must fulfil certain conditions and meet the following deadlines:

  • Schedule

    31 March 2024

    Online Team Registration

    • Online form for team and event registration
    • Virtual call between the CYBATHLON organisers and the team where the team introduces the project/technology
    • Partial payment of starting slot fee

    30 April 2024

    Full payment of starting slot fee

    • CHF 1,000 must be paid to secure the registration of the starting slot. The full payment of CHF 3,000 must be paid no later than 30 April 2024

    31 May 2024

    Pilot MedCheck 1

    After opening of online platform in Summer 2023, no later than 31 May 2024

    • Online form with the pilot’s medical data including
      • in some disciplines specific documents that confirm the medical information (e.g. clinical scores)
      • written confirmation, in German/English and signed by a medical doctor, that the pilot is fit to participate in CYBATHLON races


    30 June 2024

    Pilot MedCheck 2

    Within 4 weeks after confirmation of Pilot Med-Check 1, no later than 30 June 2024

    • Virtual call between a CYBATHLON medical examiner and the pilot to check the pilot’s eligibility for participation. For the disciplines BCI, FES, EXO an additional medical doctor at the pilot's location is necessary

    19 August 2024

    Device TecCheck 1

    After opening of online platform in Summer 2024, no later than 19 August 2024

    • Online protocol with technical, functional, and safety information about the device

    30 September 2024

    Device TecCheck 2

    Within 4 weeks after confirmation of Device TecCheck1 1, no later than 30 September 2024

    • Technical demonstration conducted as remote session (virtual call) to check safety and functionality of device including the pilot using the device on the obstacles

How do I register online?

Please read the official documents carefully before registering your team for the CYBATHLON 2024:

To register for CYBATHLON 2024, please follow the online registration process:

1st Step: User Profile

Create a personal user profile. You will automatically get the role of the team manager assigned. 

2nd Step: Team Registration

With the login of your user profile, you get access to the Dashboard "myCYBATHLON" where you can register your team in one of the CYBATHLON disciplines. 

If you want to register in more than one discipline, please complete one team registration form per discipline (use different team names). 

If your team has already participated in the CYBATHLON Global Edition 2020, you don't need to register your team again. In this case, please contact us at We will link your personal user profile with the existing team profile, so that you gain access to your team Dashboard. 

3rd Step: Event Registration

In order to complete the registration, please go to "register your team for an event" in your Dashboard. Only then is the registration for CYBATHLON 2024 complete. 

What happens after the submission of my online registration?

After submitting your online registration form, CYBATHLON will review  your data and contact you to arrange a remote meeting with your team to give you the opportunity to present your project and technology in a short presentation and answer questions on both sides.

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