How is the Pilot MedCheck performed?

The Pilot MedCheck is conducted via a secure online platform. The platform will be opened for submission in Autumn 2023. Registered teams will be notified via their team dashboard and assigned a corresponding task. Clicking on this task will provide further information and access to the secure online platform.

Pilots who have already participated in another CYBATHLON event in the period 2021 - 2024, e.g., the CYBATHLON Challenges, and have completed MedCheck 1 and Medcheck 2 with confirmed eligibility, do not have to complete it again, provided there are no changes in the pilot's health condition.

1) Pilot MedCheck 1 (Acceptance of Medical Documentation)

For the pilot’s MedCheck 1, the team must submit the following data:

  • Pilot’s medical data according to an online form
  • In some disciplines specific documents that confirm the medical information (e.g. clinical scores)
  • Written confirmation, in German/English and signed by a medical doctor, that the pilot is fit to participate in CYBATHLON races. The pilot must have consulted a certified medical doctor who confirms that there are no medical objections to the pilot participating in CYBATHLON races. The medical doctor must be familiar with the potential risk of injuries that can occur in parathletic activities such as those performed in the CYBATHLON, as well as the physiological stress inherent in competitive situations such as CYBATHLON races. In the event of medical doubt, the medical doctor must conduct specific medical screening (e.g., cardiovascular disease screening) prior to the pilot’s participation in the CYBATHLON.
The CYBATHLON organisers will review the documents and approve the pilot MedCheck 1.
2) Pilot MedCheck 2 (Remote Medical Check)

The pilot must complete the MedCheck 2, which is conducted as a remote (virtual call) check between a CYBATHLON medical examiner and the pilot to confirm the pilot’s eligibility based on written medical documentation. For the disciplines BCI, FES, EXO an additional medical doctor at the pilot's location is necessary.

The CYBATHLON organisers confirm the pilot’s eligibility to participate in the CYBATHLON 2024, provided that all criteria as stated in the CYBATHLON Races & Rules are fulfilled.

After that, any change in the pilot’s medical condition (affecting discipline eligibility or general health) must be communicated immediately to the CYBATHLON organisers.

Click here to read more about how CYBATHLON uses pilots' medical data in our privacy policy
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