How is the Device TecCheck performed?

The TecCheck protocol (online questionnaire) and related documents are completed and submitted via a secure online platform. The platform will be opened for submission sometime before a CYBATHLON event. Registered teams will be notified via their team dashboard and assigned a corresponding task. Clicking on this task will provide further information and access to the secure online platform.

1) Device TecCheck 1 (Acceptance of Technical Documentation)

For the TecCheck 1, registered teams have to complete a protocol containing relevant safety information for devices that are intended to be used at a CYBATHLON event. The protocol serves as the checklist for the examination of device safety (TecCheck 1) before a CYBATHLON event. The checklist is based on different requirements and guidelines depending on the discipline. References to applicable standards and directives can be found via the quick check of the robot's safety (link further below).

Depending on whether you are participating with a commercial device or a prototype/adapted commercial device, additional documentation is required, such as

  • videos and photos of the device with and without the pilot(s) showing its functionality during CYBATHLON race task execution or execution of a comparable task
  • technical documentation, records and certificates 
  • risk management file for prototpyes

The CYBATHLON organisers will review the documents and approve the written technical documentation.

2) Device TecCheck 2 (Acceptance of Technical Demonstration)

A few weeks prior to the CYBATHLON event, the team must complete the technical demonstration (TecCheck 2), which is conducted as a remote session between a CYBATHLON expert and the team, including the team’s pilot(s) using the device on the tasks. The CYBATHLON organisers confirm the device's eligibility to participate in the CYBATHLON event provided that all criteria as stated in the CYBATHLON Races & Rules are fulfilled.

After that, no further changes may be made to the device that would alter its function or safety of the device.

References to applicable standards and directives can be found via the quick check of the robot's safety
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