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Pro Infirmis is Switzerland’s largest non-profit organisation advocating self-determination and inclusion of people with disabilities.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, there are 1,7 million people with some form of disability living in Switzerland. These people are still disadvantaged in certain aspects of their lives. Pro Infirmis advocates the inclusion of people with disabilities in our society. An inclusive society recognizes the diversity of people as a strength. People with disabilities take part in all areas of life in a self-determined manner and without social barriers. Pro Infirmis is working towards this goal.


Pro Infirmis is celebrating its 100 Birthday!

Pro Infirmis is turning 100 years old. With their jubilee motto “The future knows no obstacle”, they want to highlight a path that leads to an inclusive future. The jubilee program was developed with people with disabilities. Many of which are active as protagonists, moderators, artists, and inclusion experts. It takes everyone to create an inclusive society: People with and people without disabilities.

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