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The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) is one of the world’s leading private, international philanthropic organizations, making grants to nonprofit organizations in the areas of arts and culture, education, health and sports, and social welfare. SNF funds organizations and projects worldwide that aim to achieve a broad, lasting, and positive impact for society at large, and exhibit strong leadership and sound management. The Foundation also supports projects that facilitate the formation of public-private partnerships as an effective means for serving public welfare.

Since 1996, the Foundation has committed more than $3.1 billion through over 4,700 grants to nonprofit organizations, in 132 nations around the world.

Major grant initiatives totaling approximately $380 million, Grants Against the Greek Crisis and Recharging the Youth, responded to urgent local needs by providing relief against the severe effects of the country’s socioeconomic crisis beginning in 2012.

In September 2017, SNF announced a new grant initiative to expand its support of the health sector in Greece, with a budget expected to exceed $400 million. Since 1996, SNF has already provided grants of more than $145 million for the support of health programs in Greece. As part of the new Health Initiative, SNF will fully fund major infrastructure projects throughout the country, all designed by the renowned architectural firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW). This initiative also aims at enhancing the National Center for Emergency Care’s (EKAV) air ambulance services and includes the procurement of new medical equipment and the implementation of education-related programs.

In April 2020, building on the Foundation’s longstanding focus on health and commitment to supporting organizations that serve the most vulnerable populations, SNF announced a $100 million global initiative to help alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year, SNF organizes the SNF Nostos and the SNF Conference, which take place at the SNFCC. In addition, SNF has launched the monthly series of events entitled DIALOGUES in an effort to strengthen public discourse by presenting—live and online—individuals who inspire with their work.

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