Inclusion and robotics

How do you build an exoskeleton for someone with paraplegia? And who benefits from using one? The CYBATHLON @school project offers teaching modules in various subjects – all about inclusion and robotics.

Building an exoskeleton to help a person with paraplegia get up from the sofa and walk again! Just how cool is that?! But hang on a minute – does anyone with paraplegia want to walk around in a robotic suit? CYBATHLON @school seeks to make teachers, children and young people more aware of the everyday challenges faced by those with disabilities, and to help them be more included in society. Individuals with a disability have helped to develop the teaching modules and also assist in presenting them at school. The modules are aligned with curriculum 21.

During the modules, young people not only experience the psychological and physical barriers confronting a person with a disability, they must also try to overcome them. They are encouraged to look for solutions to how obstacles can be removed or aids designed, so that people with disabilities can take part independently and self-determinedly in society. The CYBATHLON @school modules do more than just convey knowledge – in the long run they encourage a rethinking, and so have a lasting effect on equality.


At the moment the modules are being revised. Modules can be booked again from September 2022.


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Ambassadors that move

Young, full of energy and in the middle of life. But what does it look like when a disability suddenly interrupts such a high? The true story of "Hitzi", an ambassador for CYBATHLON @school, is designed to sensitise young people, children and teachers to the challenges of people with disabilities, promote inclusion and inspire future generations to choose professions in which they can support people like Hitzi.

There’s also an article in Uplift, the magazine issued by the ETH Foundation, on the CYBATHLON @school project.



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