CYBATHLON Challenges


Testing different technologies at an early stage and promoting cooperation with the pilots from the very beginning.

Promoting Cooperation from the very Beginning

The CYBATHLON Challenges offer development teams the opportunity to involve people with disabilities in their development process from the very beginning and to test their assistance systems in a competitive situation. The online competitions are expected to take place twice a year in several or all CYBATHLON disciplines until CYBATHLON 2024. The competition management will provide the teams with a task from the Races and Rules of the CYBATHLON 2024, which they will set up at home in order to carry out the competition. Spectators can follow the CYBATHLON Challenges in an exciting livestream on

CYBATHLON Challenges

May 2022

In spring 2022, teams from all over the world were able to take part in the first CYBATHLON Challenges. The new format allows development teams to test their devices at an early stage and foster collaboration with pilots from the very beginning. The Challenges were held decentrally at four different hubs.

Watch the Challenges here
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