EACD Europe 2021

33rd EACD Annual Meeting, May and June 2021, virtually

People with childhood-onset disabilities and their families are living in challenging times. COVID-19 has hit the European society hard and will keep its health care and economy for a long time in a stranglehold. In the 33rd EACD Annual Meeting local and European stakeholders discuss about how to keep health service for people with childhood-onset disabilities affordable with acceptable quality and to place the most urgent challenges on the European agenda.

Under the meeting theme "Childhood Disability in a Changing World"’, the Meeting will look back on the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 on the area of childhood disability as well as look forward to the newest trends in rehabilitation and care and the latest development in technology and innovation.

Childhood Onset Disability in a Changing World

The last day of the 33rd EACD Annual Meeting on 10 June 2021 is about "Childhood Onset Disability in a Changing World". In a plenary session on the topic "Technology and disability 2041: Tech and innovation", CYBATHLON's Head of Strategy, Anni Kern, talks with Robin Christopherson (AbilityNet) and Erik Domellöf (Umeå University) about how technology fosters an inclusive society, potential risks with supportive technology, and the role of artificial intelligence.

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European Academy of Childhood Disability

The European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) is an international non-profit association of professionals working with children with disability throughout Europe. The mission of the EACD is to relieve children and adolescents who have disabilities by the promotion of education and research into Childhood Disability.

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