Medical Robotics Week (MRW) 2021

At MESROB 2021, CYBATHLON's Head of Competition Lukas Jäger talked about CYBATHLON and user-centered design, and Jan Meyer gave some first insights into his survey on user-centered design at the CYBATHLON. Further, the CYBATHLON teams VariLeg enhanced (EXO, Switzerland) and SoftHand Pro (ARM, Italy) revealed how the future of assistive technology could look like and presented their latest developments to provide day-to-day-support for people with disabilities.

MESROB, AUTOMED, Conference Workshops

Basel looks back on a long history of medical research. For the first time, Prof. Georg Rauter, Prof. Philippe Cattin and Prof. Azhar Zam from the University of Basel, together with Prof. Robert Riener from ETH Zurich, combined scientific achievements in robotics research with findings from medicine at the "Medical Robotics Week 2021" conference in Basel.

The week-long conference consisted of three different components:

  • MESROB 2021: June 7-9, 2021, Virtual Conference
    From June 07-09, 2021, MESROB 2021 (new trends in MEdical and Service ROBotics), a conference of the IFToMM (International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science), took place virtually.
  • AUTOMED 2021: June 8-9, 2021, Virtual Conference
    In parallel, AUTOMED 2021 (Automation in Medical Engineering), a conference of the AUTOMED community, was offered in a virtual format from June 08-09, 2021.
  • Conference Workshops: June 10-11, 2021, Hybrid Format
    MRW 2021 concluded with three workshops (including one in cooperation with the Institute of Nursing Sciences at the University of Basel) on June 10-11, 2021.

More about MRW 2021

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