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"If I had to characterize our team with one word, it would be ‘friendly’. We are the good guys, communicate openly and tell everyone about our ideas. Together we have grown as a team, members who started as students are now valued and long-time employees of the institute," says Christian Bermes, leader of the team HSR enhanced. His group is a winning team – they won CYBATHLON 2016 and the WHL Series in Japan and are still considered to be contenders for the title in 2020.

The HSR enhanced team at the Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (HSR) follows a modular development approach: each module of the wheelchair is developed by students in a project during their Bachelor's or Master's degree in mechanical engineering. Engineers of the Institute for Lab Automation and Mechatronics refine the approaches and create the racing wheelchair. The result: a four-wheel electric wheelchair with four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, lowerable endless rubber chains for obstacles such as stairs and a robotic arm for opening and closing doors. HSR enhanced is hard to beat but always friendly.

Pilot - Florian Hauser

"Going into the race calmly, concentrated and without too much pressure lets me be precise and precise is fast," explains one who knows what he is talking about: defending CYBATHLON and WHL Series champion Florian Hauser. "It’s always difficult to judge how strong the other teams are, especially those who participate for the first time. But I know that we have made technical progress,” says the man from the canton of Zurich. Anyway, the result is not all that counts: “I'm always happy to compete with the other pilots. Over the years a friendly competition has evolved and in the end, it always takes a bit of luck to win."

Since 2014 Florian is a tetraplegic. On a motorcycle tour with his friends, his bike slipped and he broke his neck. "I was lucky and my friends reacted very quickly, who knows what else would have happened, hadn’t they done so. Since then I have a complete paralysis sub C5 and I am in a wheelchair.” Today, being paralyzed from his neck down is normal for him. Of course, there are odd situations, he says, but he doesn’t let himself be bothered by them. “The CYBATHLON is one of the biggest events I can be a part of. I especially like the fact that the competition is not based on being pitied, but shows that disabled people can fight just as well and have fun! I don't want any false attention, I want to be appreciated, not because I am disabled but because I am Flo", the defending champion concludes.

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