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WHL / Wheelchair Race



About the Team

The Japanese team OECU is a joint project of Osaka Electro-Communication University (OECU) and Osaka-Electro-Communication High-School. Their four-wheeled wheelchair is equipped with two all-terrain-wheels in the front and can negotiate rough terrain as well as narrow spaces. “We started the development in 2018 and have been working on the second prototype for more than a year now. In the future, our RPWheel should reach the level of a commercial wheelchair.” says team manager Seonghee Jeong.

In preparation for the competition, the team took part in the WHL Series last year: "We learned about various technologies that allow users to overcome barriers in everyday life and have developed our prototype accordingly. We are looking forward to participating at CYBATHLON with Toshiki. With his passion for cars and his open and active character he is the perfect pilot.” Seonghee says.

About the Pilot

“Electric mobility, cars and motorcycles are my passion, so the race at CYBATHLON is just the right challenge for me”, states Toshiki Ogura, “I saw videos from the last CYBATHLON and talked to team leader Seonghee Jeong, after that, I knew I want to be there! This is about development and progress.” The Japanese man had been working in car trade, had an accident at work and has been in a wheelchair ever since. “With our RPWheel wheelchair, I want to overcome barriers that I am currently unable to overcome with a manual wheelchair, the type I use in my daily life." says the Japanese from Hirakata and continues: “Going down stairs is a bit scary, quite different from when you are walking. But I love the challenge and I trust my team.”


  • November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

    OECU&R-Techs - Team Portrait

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