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The tasks of the CYBATHLON are particularly difficult for the Smart ArM team and its pilot Christophe Huchet. Unlike many other participants, he has to control a prosthesis that is attached to the upper arm. Such prostheses are the specialty of Smart ArM. Their device is characterized by an innovative control architecture and the sensomotoric control strategy linked to it. "Our prosthesis reacts to body movements without the user having to send a specific command," explains team manager Nathanael Jarrasse. The Smart ArM team brings together researchers from the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) at the Sorbonne university in Paris, the Institute of Human Movement Sciences (ISM) at the University of Aix-Marseille and clinicians from the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Nancy.

"The biggest challenge for us at CYBATHLON is the task in which Christophe has to hammer in a nail," emphasizes Nathanael, "to execute this movement precisely with a prosthetic elbow is complex. We hope that we will be able to manage such dynamic movements more efficiently in the future". The pilot's sporting past is a plus for the team, Nathanael states: "Christophe is a great asset to the team with his competition experience, exceptional energy and enthusiasm.”

Pilot - Christophe Huchet

"As a swimmer, I won national championships several times in both normal and Paralympic disciplines," says Christophe Huchet, who was born without his right forearm and elbow. In 1995, he was disqualified for the first time at a swimming competition for non-disabled people because he had’t touched the end of the lane with both hands. This kept repeating itself dozens of times until the rules were changed. Christophe had fought through legal channels to ensure that people with a disability could participate in non-Paralympic competitions without being disadvantaged by the rules.

"The CYBATHLON brings me back to the competition. But this one is for the common good, it’s about advancing technology and doing something for humanity". In everyday life Christophe does not wear a prosthesis – he was born with one arm and gets along well without a second one. Nevertheless, he is taking on the challenge of operating a prosthesis with two joints – elbow and wrist – which is even more difficult than controlling a forearm prosthesis with only one joint. "The Smart ArmM is easy to operate and control," the Frenchman says. With his participation in CYBATHLON, he wants to bring together people with and without disabilities. "With the Team Smart ArM I have the chance to make a valuable contribution."

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