ARM / Arm Prosthesis Race



About the Team

Team Vincent consists of the German hand prosthesis developer "Vincent Systems GmbH" from Karlsruhe, as well as the orthopedic technical company OTM (Orthopädie-Technik Münsterland) / the head of the arm prosthetics department Andrè Wohlatz and the pilot Lara Wilkin.

About the Pilot

Lara Wilkin is from Germany. She is a transradial amputee since 2019 and equipped with a VINCENTevolution4 hand. She works as a research assistant at the Department of Information Technology at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts and as a freelance communication and information graphic designer. In addition, she is involved as a peer and is on the advisory board of the Landesverband für Menschen mit Arm- oder Beinamputation in NRW e.V. (LVampNRW).

About the Device

The VINCENTevolution4 hand is uncompromisingly waterproof. The gel encapsulated fingers run smoother and the flexible mounting of the finger base joints allows the natural compression of the fingers with a slightly spread hand. This makes the hand even more aesthetically pleasing, significantly more robust and it feels pleasant to the touch.

For the first time, the shell of the metacarpus consists almost entirely of an elastic material. This improves both the feel and the grip. In particular, the soft knuckles take the strain off the hand when supporting it and extend the service life of textile cosmetic gloves. A special innovation is the completely dust-tight lining of the finger and thumb base joints. All openings of the hand have been closed by space-saving visor-like joint solutions. The optimized finger and thumb tips have been given fingernails for even more precise gripping. The index finger is touch-screen compatible in the proven manner.

For the first time, a prosthetic hand has an integrated four-channel control system that allows up to four EMG sensors to be connected directly to the hand. The user can choose between two control variants:

- Single-signal control, in which all grips can be reached easily and without error with just one switching signal, or multi-channel control, in which multiple switching signals can be used to directly control the different grips. - Controlling a bionic hand prosthesis has never been so easy and safe.

- The artificial sense of touch, which gives the prosthesis wearer a feeling of gripping power through gentle vibrations of the hand, rounds off the image of the new hand.

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