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PluSport: The center of expertise for sport, disability and inclusion.

People with disabilities have the right and freedom to participate in sport in a self-determined and equal manner - whether individually or together in an inclusive, integrative or separate setting.  The sport and exercise activities that PluSport offers, and all of our associated services, promote equality and make an important contribution to creating a more inclusive society. PluSport has been working to promote the principles of inclusion for over 60 years.

PluSport is the umbrella organization and recognized center of expertise for sport for the disabled in Switzerland, and in this capacity it seeks to provide everyone with access to a variety of sport and exercise programs. PluSport guarantees a cohesive chain of advancement from youth development to recreational and competitive sport. More than 80 member clubs ensure the continued operation of effective sport and exercise programs in all regions throughout Switzerland. In addition, PluSport provides access to more than 100 sport camps for children, young people and adults.

Our organization also offers professional training and continuing education opportunities to our sport coaches and assistants, as well as customized programs for our cooperation partners. PluSport publishes specialized teaching materials with a high educational value, thus ensuring consistently high quality at all levels of training and education.

As a co-founder of Swiss Paralympic, PluSport also provides support to talented athletes in order to enable their participation in national and international competitions.

As a charitable organization, PluSport relies on financial and non-financial support. Donations, testaments, endowments, sponsorships and public funding form the financial foundation for our activities. All of the funding we receive is used in an effective and efficient manner in order to further our mission.

PluSport and ETH Zurich: Partnership for inclusion and rehabilitation

PluSport acts as a competence partner for the ETH's Master's program in Inclusion and Rehabilitation and provides practical insights into these topics. Our focus is on raising awareness of inclusion in sport and providing internships to enable students to gain practical experience. For example, PluSport creates opportunities for students to gain experience as an everyday guide for a person with a disability or to take part in sports lessons and sports camps. This collaboration promotes the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice, strengthens the skills of participants and contributes to the further development of inclusion and rehabilitation approaches.

PluSport maintains partnerships with many other universities and colleges, highlighting its position as a competence partner in the field of sport, disability and inclusion.

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December 7th 2023, 1:06 pm

PluSport - Skiing

December 7th 2023, 1:07 pm

Gianluca drives away from autism


Three young people on the climbing wall
Flurina Rigling rides her racing bike past Maisfeld
Sprinter Philipp Handler on the starting blocks
Two prosthetic leg athletes are happy in the stadium for competitions
Rüdiger Böhm "stretches" his prosthetic legs
Javelin thrower
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