For a world without barriers.

The final Races and Rules 2024 are published!

After the first version and an intensive exchange with the teams, the final version of the rulebook has now been published.

Become a Team of CYBATHLON!

Do you research and develop assistive technology such as exoskeletons, intelligent white canes for the blind, powered wheelchairs or prosthetic legs? Do you work with brain-computer interfaces or functional electrical muscle stimulation? Or do you wear a prosthesis yourself?

Do you want to contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities and work towards a world without barriers? Then become part of CYBATHLON now!

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Man turns lamp with prosthesis

Become a partner of CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON provides a unique platform to promote research and development in the field of assistive technology for everyday use and to promote dialogue with the public about the inclusion of people with disabilities in everyday life. CYBATHLON is looking for partners who will support the platform on the Road to 2024 and join in working for a world without barriers.

Are you interested? We look forward to hearing from you!
  • SWISS Arena Kloten
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bike Race
  • CYBATHLON-Helfer stellt das BCI Spiel ein und hilft dem Piloten die Kappe aufzusetzen, um das Spiel zu spielen
  • Pilot with exoskeleton overcomes slalom obstacle in competition
  • CYBATHLON pilot raises his arms during an interview and is happy
  • Pilotin überwindet mit motorisiertem Rollstuhl Rampe am CYBATHLON 2016
  • Exoskeleton pilots congratulate each other on CYBATHLON 2016
  • Back view of a CYBATHLON pilot playing BCI
  • Arm prosthesis pilot solves task at the table
  • At the CYBATHLON 2016 prosthetic leg pilot gets up from the sofa station
  • View of a referee holding green and red flags. In the background you can see a pilot getting ready for the competition.
  • Prosthetic arm pilot is congratulated
  • CYBATHLON pilot stacks cups with the help of a prosthetic arm
  • CYBATHLON wheelchair pilot does a fistbump with his teammate
4th May 2022

Watch the CYBATHLON Challenges from 18 May

The first CYBATHLON Challenges can be watched from 18 to 20 May 2022 in a stream on

7th April 2022

Races and Rules 2024 are published

CYBATHLON officially starts the Road to 2024: In May the first CYBATHLON Challenges will take place and now the Races and Rules for the upcoming period until 2024 have been published.

1st April 2022

More uncertainty and variability in the new CYBATHLON competition

The new Races and Rules for the CYBATHLON period up until 2024 will be published in early April. Why does CYBATHLON organise a competition for people with disabilities and how will this competition be further developed in line with the changing needs of people with disabilities? CYBATHLON Head of Competition Lukas Jäger has answers.

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