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CYBATHLON Challenges 2023

We are excited to announce that the second CYBATHLON Challenges will take place on 29 March 2023! Teams are invited to compete and showcase their current technology and the pilot’s skills in two selected tasks of their discipline of the CYBATHLON 2024 Races & Rules. 

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Challenges 2023

Featured Discipline: Leg Prosthesis Race

In this competition pilots with an amputation above the knee or a congenital disorder climb stairs and overcome rough terrain with a leg prosthesis, among others.

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Latest News: Visual Impairment, Assistance Technologies and CYBATHLON Vision Assistance Race

With our new discipline – Vision Assistance Race, CYBATHLON aims to push research in the field of visual aid because the technologies involved have the potential to improve the quality of life and autonomy of people with vision impairment.

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Mahidol BCI team in Thailand participating CYBATHLON BCI race from their home hub. | © CYBATHLON

Latest News: Where are we with brain-computer interfaces?

Your brain is crackling with the activity generated by roughly 100 billion neurons and their connections. Scientists are harnessing that power, building brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that act as a bridge between the brain and assistive devices. As the technology for brain-computer interfaces between people and assistive devices continue to advance, we talked to two BCI experts from Technische Universität Graz and the University of Vienna to understand what the current challenges and exciting new developments are in this field.

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New Video: Prosthetic Arms Are Becoming Smarter and More Customised

From sensing residual muscle activity to implanting electrodes in the muscles to enhance signals and provide sensory feedback, arm prostheses are becoming more precise and versatile. 3D printing and new materials are reducing the weight and cost of prostheses. What’s next? Join our teams on the Road to 2024 and help revolutionise prosthetics.

CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis Race during the Challenges 2022 | © CYBATHLON
CYBATHLONChallenges March 2023
20th March 2023

The CYBATHLON Challenges March 2023: Schedule and Races

On Wednesday, 29 March 2023, fifteen teams will test their assistance technologies throughout the five disciplines listed for the CYBATHLON Challenges 2023.

Student Kyle Briggs, the Arm2u team carrier, using the prosthesis in one of the tests at the Cybathlon Challenge in Switzerland in May 2022 | © Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
CYBATHLONChallenges March 2023
2nd March 2023

Engineering students from the UPC create a 3D-printed functional robotic arm

The Arm2u team from the UPC’s ETSEIB, has designed and manufactured using 3D printing technology a customisable transradial prosthesis that responds to the user’s nerve impulses.

CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2024
16th February 2023

Visual Impairment, Assistance Technologies and CYBATHLON Vision Assistance Race

Through Vision Assistance Race, CYBATHLON aims to push research in the field of visual aid.

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