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ROB Race CYBATHLON Challenges 2023 | © CYBATHLON

Challenges February 2024

In February 2024, the third and final CYBATHLON Challenges will occur on the road to CYBATHLON 2024. Teams will compete against each other and showcase their current technology and pilots’ skills in four selected tasks of their respective disciplines. The Challenges will occur locally in Zurich, Switzerland, and at the teams' homes.

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CYBATHLON 2024 announcement  | © CYBATHLON


The CYBATHLON 2024 will take place in a global format from 25 – 27 October 2024 in the Arena Schluefweg in Kloten and in hubs worldwide. A total of 160 teams from all around the world in eight different disciplines can participate in the CYBATHLON 2024.

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Brain-Computer Interface: How Much Can You Control with Your Mind?

What will our brain-computer interface teams face in CYBATHLON 2024? Our new brain-computer interface (BCI) game will put teams to the test, with more complex and real-world scenarios. 

Brain-Computer Interface Race

Team Registration for CYBATHLON 2024

Do you conduct research and develop assistive technology such as exoskeletons, intelligent white canes for the blind, powered wheelchairs or prosthetic legs? Do you work with brain-computer interfaces or functional electrical muscle stimulation? Or do you wear a prosthesis yourself? Would you like to contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities and work towards a world without barriers? Then become part of CYBATHLON now!

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Featured Content

Portrait photo CYBATHLON Team

Featured Team: EMA

The FES team EMA is a collaboration of the University of Brasilia with engineers and clinicians that arose from the desire to develop a proprietary technology that corresponds to the situation of Brazil. "CYBATHLON was an opportunity to motivate students and other stakeholders and to draw attention to us," explains team manager Roberto Baptista.

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Featured Discipline: FES Bike Race

The FES Bike Race is a competition that showcases the incredible potential of assistive technology in the realm of cycling. In this discipline, people with lower limb disabilities after spinal cord injury (SCI) use FES systems to pedal specialised bikes called trikes, thereby stimulating their paralyzed leg muscles to compete in a thrilling race.

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CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis Race during the Challenges in May 2022 | © CYBATHLON

Latest News: CYBATHLON Challenges February 2024: Disciplines and Tasks

This news piece introduces the disciplines and the four tasks that teams and their pilots will tackle on 2 February as part of the CYBATHLON Challenges.

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Mahidol BCI team in Thailand participating CYBATHLON BCI race from their home hub. | © CYBATHLON

News: Where are we with brain-computer interfaces?

Your brain is crackling with the activity generated by roughly 100 billion neurons and their connections. Scientists are harnessing that power, building brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that act as a bridge between the brain and assistive devices. As the technology for brain-computer interfaces between people and assistive devices continue to advance, we talked to two BCI experts from Technische Universität Graz and the University of Vienna to understand what the current challenges and exciting new developments are in this field.

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Machine Scene Understanding – Limitations and Opportunities

In this lecture, Dr. Cesar Cadena, Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich, provides invaluable insights into the nuanced challenges that arise in the pursuit of enabling machines to solve our ever-changing environment. He delves into machine limitations while uncovering opportunities as we bridge human cognition and artificial intelligence.

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CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis Race during the Challenges in May 2022 | © CYBATHLON
CYBATHLONChallenges February 2024
24th November 2023

CYBATHLON Challenges February 2024: Disciplines and Tasks

This news introduces the disciplines and the four tasks that teams and their pilots will tackle on 2 February as part of the CYBATHLON Challenges.

CYBATHLON Booth at RehaCare 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany | © CYBATHLON
3rd October 2023

CYBATHLON took Center Stage at the RehaCare Exhibition 2023

This article shows the world of CYBATHLON at RehaCare 2023, exploring the challenges, triumphs, and inspiring stories that unfolded during this event.

Showing visitors around the exhibition (Dominic Büttner) | © ETH Zurich / CYBATHLON
14th July 2023

ETH Zurich / CYBATHLON Inclusive Design at Milano Design Week 2023

“This is one of the best exhibitions I have seen this year” is what we heard often from the many visitors at the Milano Design Week 2023.


About Us - Moving People and Technology

CYBATHLON provides a platform that challenges teams globally to develop assistive technologies suitable for everyday use, with and for people with disabilities. We promote design as a force to change – good and user-centred design is inclusive. We foster dialogue for greater inclusion that can break down barriers and make the difference between enabling and denying.

Initiated as a non-profit project of ETH Zurich, CYBATHLON is a platform for competitions and events that throw a spotlight on innovators of assistive technologies, partners and agencies that provide opportunities to place these new technologies in the hands of the people who need and use them.

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