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Book your tickets for the CYBATHLON 2024

Tickets for the CYBATHLON 2024 are on sale now. The event will take place from 25 to 27 October 2024 in Arena Schluefweg in Kloten, Switzerland. You can expect exciting competitions in eight different disciplines and an interesting supporting program all about inclusion and robotics! Tickets can be purchased online only, and the number of tickets is limited.

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Volunteers for CYBATHLON 2024

Be a part of something extraordinary! As a volunteer for the CYBATHLON 2024, you will play a crucial role in supporting the teams, looking after the participants and ensuring that the competition runs smoothly. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help make this event a great success!

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The CYBATHLON 2024 will take place in a global format from 25 – 27 October 2024 in the Arena Schluefweg in Kloten and local hubs worldwide. A total of 100 teams from all around the world in eight different disciplines can participate in the CYBATHLON 2024.

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Welcome to the CYBATHLON @school contest

Welcome to the CYBATHLON @school contest powered by EKZ! For the third edition of CYBATHLON, we invite your class to take part in our unique competition. Classes that complete a module and submit a poster will take part in the CYBATHLON 2024 on 25 October 2024 at the Stimo Arena in Kloten. The students will explore prosthetic technology under the guidance of our ambassadors Gina Rühl and Michel Fornasier.

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CYBATHLON Challenges 2024 Highlights

This video features some of the highlights and favourite moments from the CYBATHLON Challenges 2024 that took place on 2 February, showing so many diverse types of assistive technology taking on discipline tasks and displaying pilots' tenacity and determination. The Challenges saw new teams, new tasks and new formats for many of the CYBATHLON disciplines.

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Featured Content

Featured Team: BionIT Labs

The BionIT Labs team will participate in the CYBATHLON ARM Prosthesis Race for the CYBATHLON Challenges 2024. The Lab is working in the field of Human-Machine Integration. They do so by applying IT to Bionics with the aim of ‘Turning Disabilities into New Possibilities’. They strongly believe that it’s their responsibility to breathe life into innovative technologies that can concretely improve people’s quality of life, thus creating a more accessible and equitable world.

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e-OPRA Arm Prostehesis Race during the Challenges 2023 | © ETH Zurich / CYBATHLON

Featured Discipline: Arm Prosthesis Race

The Arm Prosthesis Race is a competition that highlights the advances in prosthetic technology. In this discipline, persons with upper limb amputations or congenital malformation compete in a series of dexterous challenges, using advanced prosthetic arms to perform tasks that mimic daily life activities.

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A photo of Jessica Gantenbein | © Stefan Schneller / RELab ETH Zurich

Jessica Gantenbein: How intention and the user are at the core of CYBATHLON

Jessica Gantenbein completed both her master's and doctorate degrees at ETH Zürich where she is now lab manager for the Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory, RELab ETH Zürich. In this newsletter, Jessica tells us about the different ways an assistive device can be controlled, and how CYBATHLON impacts public perception of important advancements in the field.

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Arm Prosthesis Race during the Challenges May 2022 | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON: Shaping the Future of Assistive Technology for a More Inclusive World

CYBATHLON Co-Heads Roland Sigrist and Annegret Kern share insights on the meticulous planning behind CYBATHLON, its transformative impact, and the collaborative spirit shaping a more inclusive future. 

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Overengineering in Human-Machine Interaction

Developing assistive technologies involves addressing numerous requirements, and motivating engineers to seek perfect solutions, but this drive can sometimes result in overengineering, leading to ineffective, unsatisfactory outcomes. In this lecture, Prof. Dr. Heike Vallery focuses on her groundbreaking work in human-machine interaction, and ineffective, unsatisfying, long-lasting development processes. She shares her expertise and insights into the delicate balance between engineering, effective human-machine interaction and the hands-on approach to what worked and what did not.

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CYBATHLON Challenges Arm Race 2022 | © CYBATHLON
15th March 2024

Competitive Spirit Boosts Prosthesis Use: Insights from CYBATHLON 2020

What were the changes in prosthesis use for the pilot, Tonney Forsberg, of the Arm Prosthesis Team “x-OPRA” before, during, and after the CYBATHLON 2020?

CYBATHLON @school contest powered by EKZ | © CYBATHLON
13th March 2024

CYBATHLON @school contest - An exciting competition for primary and secondary school pupils

Join our unique CYBATHLON contest! Schools completing a module and submitting a poster will be part of CYBATHLON 2024 on Friday, 25 October 2024.

A photo of Jessica Gantenbein | © Stefan Schneller / RELab ETH Zurich
5th March 2024

Jessica Gantenbein: How intention and the user are at the core of CYBATHLON

Jessica tells us about the different ways an assistive device can be controlled, and how CYBATHLON impacts public perception of important advancements in the field.


About Us - Moving People and Technology

CYBATHLON provides a platform that challenges teams globally to develop assistive technologies suitable for everyday use, with and for people with disabilities. We promote design as a force to change – good and user-centred design is inclusive. We foster dialogue for greater inclusion that can break down barriers and make the difference between enabling and denying.

Initiated as a non-profit project of ETH Zurich, CYBATHLON is a platform for competitions and events that throw a spotlight on innovators of assistive technologies, partners and agencies that provide opportunities to place these new technologies in the hands of the people who need and use them.

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