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CYBATHLON Challenges 2023

We are excited to announce that the second CYBATHLON Challenges will take place from 29 - 30 March 2023! Teams are invited to compete and showcase their current technology and the pilot’s skills in two selected tasks of their discipline of the CYBATHLON 2024 Races & Rules. 

The final Races and Rules 2024 are published!

After the first version and an intensive exchange with the teams, the final version of the rulebook has now been published.

Featured Discipline: Assistance Robot Race

First time ever in a CYBATHLON competition the Assistance Robot Race. The race incorporates elements of human-robot interaction, environment recognition and object manipulation. Assistive robots offer tremendous potential to help people who have very little or no control over their arms and legs become more independent. In this discipline, pilots must work together with the robot to pick up various objects within a set amount of time or overcome various obstacles.

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CYBATHLON pilot happy to have completed wheelchair race

Latest News: How to win a CYBATHLON

Preparing for CYBATHLON 2024? Here are four steps you can take to increase your chances of success. CYBATHLON competitions are not easy to win – in 2020, 51 teams from 20 countries battled to show their innovation could power pilots to the top spot. If you want your team in the top spot in 2024, here’s how you can optimise your chances.

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New Video: Prosthetic Arms Are Becoming Smarter and More Customised

From sensing residual muscle activity to implanting electrodes in the muscles to enhance signals and provide sensory feedback, arm prostheses are becoming more precise and versatile. 3D printing and new materials are reducing the weight and cost of prostheses. What’s next? Join our teams on the Road to 2024 and help revolutionise prosthetics.


Open Position: CYBATHLON Competition Manager & Science Manager

The CYBATHLON team is looking for a Competition Manager and Science Manager (80%). You will complement our Competition team in developing and managing the CYBATHLON disciplines and races. Furthermore, you will drive and coordinate the scientific analysis and publication of scientific papers among the CYBATHLON disciplines.

Find the job details here
CYBATHLON pilot happy to have completed wheelchair race
9th August 2022

How to win a CYBATHLON

Preparing for CYBATHLON 2024? Here are four steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

4th May 2022

Watch the CYBATHLON Challenges from 18 May

The first CYBATHLON Challenges can be watched from 18 to 20 May 2022 in a stream on

7th April 2022

Races and Rules 2024 are published

CYBATHLON officially starts the Road to 2024: In May the first CYBATHLON Challenges will take place and now the Races and Rules for the upcoming period until 2024 have been published.

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