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Video and photo material, that can be downloaded here, may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. Please make sure to always refer to the appropriate sources when using the material.

Our media team is at your disposal for interview requests and other information.

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Arm prosthesis pilot during laundry hanging up Task

Information about CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition 

More than 50 teams from all over the world will compete in this year's CYBATHLON. A unique new platform will bring together highly motivated pilots participating in the established disciplines from around the globe. Please click her for more information about the program, the races and the teams.

Visitor takes pictures of a competition with mobile phone

High resolution images for download

Professional, high resolution photos in print quality from CYBATHLON events are made available for download on an ongoing basis free of charge. Please note that any images of the CYBATHLON may be used for non-​commercial purposes only. Please include the corresponding copyright information (ETH Zurich / photographer) with each image. The photographer's name can be taken from the respective image captions.

Leg prosthesis pilot Rüdiger Böhm gives an interview

Videos in HD quality for download 

Professional, high-resolution quality videos of the CYBATHLON events are made available for download free of charge on an ongoing basis. Please note that all of the CYBATHLON videos may only be used for editorial or non-commercial purposes. We ask you to always provide credit videos to “ETH Zurich”.


Videos of all races

You can find all races of the participating teams of the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition under the following links, sorted by discipline:

Additional videos 

You can find more videos on our CYBATHLON YouTube channel.

CYBATHLON YouTube channel
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