Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your data. ETH Zurich considers the protection of not only your personal data, but all data, to be of the utmost importance. As part of the measures taken in this respect, we process personal data in accordance with Swiss data protection legislation and, where applicable, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In the following, we will inform you of which data pertaining to visitors and users of the website is collected, processed and disclosed by ETH Zurich as well as of the measures taken to ensure the security of this data.

1. Meaning and purpose of CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON, a non-profit project of ETH Zurich, is a platform for connecting society and research and development with people with disabilities. CYBATHLON is driven by international competitions and events at which teams of developers from around the world are challenged to develop everyday assistive technologies for, and in collaboration with, people with disabilities. The platform is a space for the various groups of interested parties to connect with each other, exploit synergies, find out about the latest developments in the field of everyday assistive technologies and share their experiences.

2. Use of data

This Privacy Policy applies to the web pages of CYBATHLON of ETH Zurich ( ETH Zurich only collects personal data that is required in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives and organise CYBATHLON events (data minimisation). ETH Zurich only stores your personal data for as long as is required for the purposes described in section 1. Stored data is managed with care and protected against misuse. Personal data may be disclosed to authorities if required by mandatory legal provisions or official orders, e.g. for the purpose of legal action or criminal prosecution.

Every person is entitled to have their privacy protected and to have their personal data protected against misuse. ETH Zurich complies with the relevant principles with regard to its web pages and web services.

Where access to content of other providers is provided via links, please note their terms of use and privacy policies. ETH Zurich is not responsible for the content or data protection practices of these other providers.

2.1.          Data disclosure to third parties

Data may be disclosed to third parties through the “myCYBATHLON” dashboard, for which you can register voluntarily.In the dashboard you can choose to allow your data to be passed on to third parties (see section 2.4).

Additionally, ETH Zurich may instruct service providers to process the data collected via the CYBATHLON web pages for the purposes described in section 1. ETH Zurich and the instructed third-party service providers shall ensure the protection of your data through the use of legal, technical and organisational measures.

2.2.        Server log files

The following information is stored in log files when you access the CYBATHLON website:

  • referrer URL
  • IP address of the accessing computer
  • time of the server request

This data is used in a way that is non-personally identifiable to improve communication on the website. It will not be merged with other data sources.

2.3.        Newsletter

If you wish to receive the newsletter offered on this website, the following data will be collected: email address, first name and surname (mandatory). This data will only be used to send out the CYBATHLON newsletter.

You can revoke your consent to the storage and use of your data and your email address for the purpose of sending out the newsletter at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the newsletter.

The newsletter is sent out using MailChimp, a newsletter service provider in the USA. You can view its privacy policy here:

According to MailChimp, it may use the data of recipients in pseudonymised form, i.e. not assigned to a particular user, to optimise or improve its services, e.g. for the technical optimisation of the newsletter dispatch process and presentation of the newsletter or for statistical purposes. However, MailChimp states that it does not use the data of newsletter recipients to make contact with them itself and does not pass this data on to third parties.

2.4.        “myCYBATHLON” dashboard

2.4.1.           Dashboard registration / user profile

The “myCYBATHLON” dashboard is a password-protected area within the CYBATHLON website that can only be accessed after registration using the information stored in the user profile (email, password).

For registration to the “myCYBATHLON” dashboard ETH Zurich collects the data which you disclose to CYBATHLON. This includes the following pieces of personal data: surname, first name, gender, country, email address, username and password (mandatory).

Depending on how you use these services, ETH Zurich also collects the following data:

  • contact data such as your address or telephone number
  • billing address
  • messages that you send to CYBATHLON via the services
  • activity information that you upload, such as photos, information and other content

After successfully registering, users can grant or refuse consent to their email address and personal data being disclosed to third parties (mainly other registered users, sponsors or media) in the dashboard.

All information provided by the registered user is treated as confidential unless the person concerned authorises its disclosure.

2.4.2.          Team registration for the CYBATHLON event

When a team registers to participate in a CYBATHLON event (e.g. the CYBATHLON 2024) via the “myCYBATHLON” dashboard, ETH Zurich collects data on the participating team.

Some of this is general information about the team (such as team name, photos, organisation etc.), which is used to present the team to the public on and at the event itself.

Additionally, information about the devices or aids (assistive technologies) that are to be used at a CYBATHLON event and medical data on the participating pilots (people with a disability who control the technology) are also collected. Such information helps us to ensure that the inclusion criteria as stipulated by the rules (CYBATHLON Races & Rules) are met.

The following sections will explain exactly how this data is used and stored (sections –         Team profile

The CYBATHLON website is publicly accessible. Every CYBATHLON team that participates in a CYBATHLON event (e.g. the CYBATHLON 2024) is given their own page (team profile) on the website, on which the following information about the team can be seen by members of the public:

  • team name
  • team photo
  • discipline
  • country
  • website (if any)
  • organisation
  • partner organisation (if any)
  • social media channels (if any)
  • team portrait (short description and photos of the team, pilot, assistive technology)
    -> Each team can manage the information that is made public in the team portrait by entering the relevant text in the team profile section of the dashboard.
  • results of CYBATHLON competitions
  • videos (recorded by CYBATHLON during an event or competition or videos sent to CYBATHLON by the team)

The same information may also be used to present the teams before and during the event itself (by the moderator, in the programme booklet etc.).

By registering the team in the “myCYBATHLON” dashboard the team gives its consent for the aforementioned information to be published on the website The dashboard is used to allow teams to connect with each other as well as with the public across multiple CYBATHLON events. Additionally, the team agrees to participate in radio/television and online productions and to collaborate with CYBATHLON media partners and the team accepts that live transmissions, film and photographic material from CYBATHLON events, including the competition, will be published.

The team profile data will be stored in the long term and remain accessible to the public on the CYBATHLON web pages even after the end of the respective CYBATHLON event. If you do not agree to this, you can request for your data on the CYBATHLON website to be erased after the end of the respective event. You can find the contact details in section 5.        Information about the assistive technology (TecCheck)

In order to be permitted to participate in a CYBATHLON event, the team must provide details of the devices or aids (assistive technologies) used. ETH Zurich promises to treat the required technical, functional and safety-relevant information on the assistive technology as confidential and to only allow authorised persons to access this information. The data is stored on servers belonging to ETH Zurich and is erased at the latest after eight years or will continue to be stored only in anonymised form.        Information about the pilots (medical data for the MedCheck)

When pilots are registered, ETH Zurich collects medical data on the participating pilots in order to ensure that the inclusion criteria as stipulated by the rules (CYBATHLON Races & Rules) are met. This medical data is treated as strictly confidential and is only made accessible to authorised persons. ETH guarantees that this medical data is stored on servers belonging to ETH Zurich and be erased at the latest after eight years or will continue to be stored only in anonymised form.

After the respective event has ended, the pilot may request the early erasure of their data at any time without providing a reason by sending a written communication to this effect to CYBATHLON.

After successfully registering, the pilot can use the “myCYBATHLON” dashboard to select whether or not the the following personal data may be disclosed for event-related purposes (e.g. CYBATHLON website, programme booklet, team presentation at the event itself):

  • age
  • information about their lesion/injury/impairment
  • how long ago the injury occurred

All information provided by the pilot is treated as confidential unless the person concerned authorises its disclosure.        Personal information in connection with participation in an event

In order to organise and stage CYBATHLON events, ETH Zurich may collect personal data belonging to registered participants (team members) (e.g. for catering, hotel stays, travel to and from the event, shuttle service etc.). This personal information is only collected for the purpose of staging the event. If required in order to stage the event, the data may be passed on to service providers of ETH Zurich.

2.5.         Tracking settings (web analysis)

In order to better adapt the content structures and navigation mechanisms of the CYBATHLON web pages to the needs of its users, the page views and the clicked elements within the pages are logged and analysed.

In order to do this the CYBATHLON website uses features of the web analysis service Google Analytics. This is provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

Google Analytics uses cookies. These are small text files which are stored on your computer and allow your use of the website to be analysed. The information about your use of the website that is generated by the cookie is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there.

Google analyses your user behaviour in order to optimise its web presence and advertising, for instance.

You can view the Google Analytics privacy policy here:

2.6.         Cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are permanently or temporarily stored on your computer when you visit this website. The purpose of cookies is, in particular, to enable use of the website to be analysed for statistical evaluation and continuous improvement. You can deactivate some or all cookies at any time by adjusting your browser settings. If cookies are deactivated, you may no longer be able to use all the features of the website.

2.7.         Social networks and other third-party services

CYBATHLON of ETH Zurich manages various accounts on social networks. These pages or services are provided and operated by third parties. Each of these sites has its own privacy policy.

In order to offer you optimised online services, services from third-party providers (YouTube, Vimeo,, Mapbox und OpenStreetMap) are directly integrated into the CYBATHLON website. These providers use cookies. User data is automatically transmitted to these companies when you use the CYBATHLON website (e.g. the type of device you are using and your IP address). In doing so, you are bound to comply with and accept the privacy policy of the respective provider. Users must be aware that data may be collected and passed on to third parties via these services. If users also have their own registered account with one of these services, the operator may assign this transmitted information directly to their respective personal account.

ETH Zurich has no influence on the collection and subsequent use of data by these third-party providers. ETH Zurich cannot control the extent to which, where or the length of time for which the data is stored, the extent to which these providers comply with any existing erasure obligations, which analyses they perform and connections they make using the data and to whom they pass on the data.

2.7.1.            YouTube

As soon as you access a CYBATHLON web page containing an embedded YouTube video, a connection to the YouTube servers is established and YouTube (Google LLC subsidiary) plug-ins are used in individual cases. This lets YouTube know which page has been visited and from which IP address. You can find more information about the handling of user data in YouTube’s terms of use and privacy policy.

2.7.2.           Vimeo, Inc. is an American provider of video hosting, sharing and service platforms. As soon as you access a CYBATHLON web page containing an embedded Vimeo video, a connection to the Vimeo servers is established and certain types of data are automatically collected by Vimeo, regardless of whether you have your own account or not. This data includes your IP address, technical information about your device (e.g. browser type, operating system, basic device information), the website you visited or the search query you entered before arriving at its website, as well as your activities. You can find more information about the handling of user data in Vimeo’s terms of use and privacy policy.

2.7.3.           Twitter

Twitter, Inc. is an American microblogging and social networking service through which users publish and interact with messages known as “tweets”. When you use Twitter, even if you only view tweets, Twitter receives individual pieces of personal information from you, such as the type of device you are using and your IP address. You can find information about the handling of user data in Twitter’s privacy policy and cookies policy.

2.7.4.          Facebook und Instagram

Instagram, Inc. and Facebook, Inc. belong to the company Meta. You can find information about the handling of user data by Facebook and Instagram in Facebook’s privacy policy and cookies policy and in Instagram’s cookies policy.

2.7.5.           LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network and online platform for professionals and executives. You can find information about the handling of user data in the privacy policy and cookies policy.

2.7.6.  is a social media aggregator or social media curator. It gathers together selected posts from several social media accounts in order to display them in a single embedded feed. ETH Zurich uses this service on the CYBATHLON website to embed the social media accounts of the registered teams, for example. This is only done with the consent and approval of the respective team. ETH Zurich is not able to access the content. You can find information about the handling of user data in’s privacy policy and terms of use.

2.7.7.           Mapbox and OpenStreetMap

The CYBATHLON website uses Mapbox and OpenStreetMap to provide visual representations of geographical information. When Mapbox and OpenStreetMap are used, Mapbox and OpenStreetMap also collect, process and use data about visitors’ use of the map functions. You can find more detailed information about this data processing in Mapbox’s privacy policy and OpenStreetMap’s privacy policy.

3. Security

For reasons of security and in order to protect the transmission of confidential content, such as the enquiries sent by you to ETH Zurich as the site operator, the CYBATHLON website uses SSL/TLS encryption. You can recognise an encrypted connection by the fact that the browser address bar changes from "http://" to "https://” and by the lock symbol in your browser bar. When SSL or TLS encryption is activated, the data which you transmit to us cannot be read by third parties.

Additionally, ETH Zurich implements technical and organisational measures to ensure that the data which is collected and processed via the CYBATHLON website

  • remains confidential and protected against accidental or unlawful access, alteration or disclosure, and loss or destruction.
  • Access to data is only granted to those who require access to the personal data on account of their function and role according to the principle of necessity (“need to know”).

The measures to be taken are determined by the type of information, the nature and purpose of its use, and the state of the art.

4. Validity

Should such be made necessary by the implementation of new technologies or legislation, ETH Zurich reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time with effect for the future. We therefore recommend that you regularly review the Privacy Policy.

5. Right to information

Should you wish to obtain information regarding the personal data concerning you that is collected and processed, request the correction, erasure or blocking of this data, or have further questions regarding its use, please contact the ETH Zurich CYBATHLON team. You can contact the team at the following address:

ETH Zurich
Haldeneggsteig 5
8092 Zurich


End of the Privacy Policy. Last amended: 10 January 2022

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