ROB / Assistance Robot Race



About the Team

The interdisciplinary team BFH-FAIR with researchers and students from the School of Engineering & Computer Science and the School of Health Professions of the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH will compete for the first time in the Cybathlon in 2024, in the newly created discipline Assistance Robot Race.

About the Pilot

The pilot is Fritz Eichholzer from Thalwil. Fritz was an electrical engineer and team leader when close to his retirement in 2018 suffered a severe bicycle accident that left him quadriplegic. An assistance robot has great potential to increase Fritz's autonomy. At CYBATHLON, Fritz will use his robot to solve tasks, avoid obstacles, and manipulate various objects.

About the Device

We strive to build a device that is useful and affordable for the general population. Therefore we choose to use as many commercially available components as possible.


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