ARM / Arm Prosthesis Race



About the Team

Cima 3D is a dynamic and innovative group of students from the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), coming together from the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering… Our mission is to develop cutting-edge arm prostheses that empower individuals with upper limb disabilities, enhancing their quality of life through advanced technology and engineering excellence.

We participate in the Cybathlon to showcase our engineering prowess and innovate spirit. Besides, we not only want to demonstrate the capabilities of our prothesis but also contribute to the global discourse on assistive technologies.

About the Pilot

Monica has always been a steadfast supporter of technological advancements. From a young age, she has collaborated with leading prosthetic brands to develop prostheses for children. Her passion for innovation and commitment to improving the lives of others have driven her involvement in numerous projects over the years. Now, Monica brings her extensive experience and unwavering dedication to the Cybathlon, participating as a pilot and showcasing the capabilities of cutting-edge prosthetic technology.

About the Device

We have designed a prothesis that integrate with the human body, restoring functionality and providing independence to users. 

The Cima Arm Prosthesis is an advanced, user-friendly prosthetic arm designed to restore functionality and independence to individuals with upper limb disabilities. This state-of-the-art device integrates cutting-edge 3D printing technology with sophisticated mechanical and electronic systems to deliver unparalleled performance, comfort, and control.

The use of 3D printing allows for bespoke customization, ensuring a perfect fit tailored to the user's unique anatomical requirements.

Uses electromyography (EMG) sensors to detect electrical signals from the user's remaining muscles, translating these signals into intuitive control commands.

A powerful microcontroller processes the EMG signals in real-time, ensuring responsive and accurate control of the prosthesis.

By utilizing 3D printing and mechanizable designs, along with advanced electronic devices, the Cima Arm Prosthesis offers a cost-effective solution compared to traditional market alternatives. This approach not only makes the prosthesis more affordable, but also ensures it is fully adaptable to the user's specific needs.

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