LEG / Leg Prosthesis Race



About the Team


Team Members: Hailing from National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) and Taipei Medical University (TMU), our team is a proud member of the University System of Taipei (USTP). Mission: Our mission is to design, build, and test exoskeletons aimed at assisting individuals who require enhanced mobility due to conditions such as Sarcopenia, amputation, or financial constraints limiting access to expensive exoskeleton technology. Approach: EXOPRO USTP is committed to creating affordable solutions. We leverage existing rehabilitation equipment and academic computer devices to construct our exoskeletons. Our innovative algorithm employs metric calculations to optimize efficiency, thereby reducing the need for expensive hardware investments.Philosophy: Our team is driven by a spirit of volunteerism and a desire to assist others. Our pilot programs are conducted by volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of those in need. Impact: By making exoskeleton technology accessible at a reasonable cost, we aim to empower individuals with mobility challenges and enhance their quality of life.

About the Device

Our exoskeleton is meticulously crafted for individuals approximately 172 cm tall who seek to augment their walking ability and engage in everyday activities, including navigating stairs and other routine tasks. This innovation is particularly beneficial for individuals reliant on prosthetics. The exoskeleton is equipped with motors designed to assist in leg movement, facilitating walking, stair climbing, and traversing slopes. These movements are guided by sophisticated algorithms utilizing gait data, sensor inputs, and AI models.

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