VIS / Vision Assistance Race



About the Team

The team EyeRider comprises of lecturers, students, and staff from Pázmány University, a unique educational center in Hungary where computer science and engineering are seamlessly integrated with molecular biology, neurobiology, and medicine.

Each member of the team has a diverse range of skills and expertise, including engineering, computer science, and human-computer interaction. We believe that by combining our knowledge and experience, we can develop solutions that truly make a difference in the lives of those who use them.

Our ultimate goal is to develop assistive technologies that can improve the quality of life for people with visual impairments. We want to achieve this by creating solutions that are accessible, affordable, and effective.

The development of our solution is rooted in our mobile application, LetSee, which has been developed and made available for visually impaired users worldwide, enhancing various aspects of their daily lives.

About the Pilot

After losing his sight at the age of 17, our pilot, Peter Sulyok decided to start telling stories about his life to the people he comes into contact with in his everyday life. He senses their fears, and their cramps, and aims to solve them. He has been invited by several organizations and institutions all over Hungary to give awareness-raising lectures and has been performing stand-up shows continuously since 2014. Besides psychological stress relief, he also works as a masseur.

Peter is constantly involved in testing the application and the development of the user interface and interactions during the training. Peter's outstanding situational awareness—his insight—and intelligence are key to the development of the app. Besides that, his presence also brings a fun atmosphere and he is always ready to cheer up the team with his unique sense of humour.

About the Device

As almost everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket nowadays, we are developing an application that runs on a cell phone and is easy to use. Our application also builds on the already acquired skills of visually impaired persons, giving them a strong sense of independence and the sense of being in control, not totally at the mercy of a device.  

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