FES / Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race



About the Team

During the last years, our team worked on developing stimulation patterns and training protocols for FES cycling training of paraplegics. Our Pilot, Csaba Szamosi was involved in optimizing the developed protocols. Our team uses the Berkelbike Pro tricycle, and members of several institutions participate in the development of the stimulation patterns and training protocols. These institutions are the Pazmany Peter Catholic University, the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, the University of Pecs and the National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation in Hungary. The team members have various educational and professional backgrounds, such as Human Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Info-Bionic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Biology. The Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics of the Pazmany Peter Catholic University prepares for Cybathlon Competion in other disciplines, that are BCI and Vision, as well. For the FES biking race, the HunFess team combines technical sciences, computational sciences, natural sciences and medical sciences in partnership with the above-mentioned institutions, and we aim to foster FES-based rehabilitation of spinal cord injured people.

About the Pilot

Our pilot, Csaba Szamosi is a Hungarian Pilot he had a bicycle accident more than 10 years ago and became paraplegic. He continued FES cycling training in 2019 and had to pause the training for several months in 2020 due to the pandemic. After starting the training again, he helped to specify new training protocols. Csaba plays table tennis and participates in table tennis competitions. He is enthusiastic about facing a new challenge: the Cybathlon FES bike race.

About the Device

Our team uses a BerkelBike Pro tricycle, provided by the University of Pecs. The BerkelBike Pro is a hybrid tricycle that can be driven by legs only, by arms only and simultaneously by the legs and arms as well. For FES driven leg cycling, it is equipped with a six-channel programmable electrical stimulator device, that is used for controlling the leg cycling of paraplegics. 


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