BCI / Brain-Computer Interface Race



About the Team

We are a student initiative at the Technical University of Munich at the intersection between neuroscience and engineering, aiming to make the Neurotechnology field accessible to students of all academic backgrounds. To achieve this, we are working on different hands-on projects, as well as organizing events and making scientific communication understandable to everyone. Our main project is developing a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) to enable quadriplegic people to regain a level of independence. Our goal is to participate at the Cybathlon 2024 in order to test the robustness of our BCI, as well as meet like-minded people, who share our passion of making a positive impact on the world.

About the Pilot

Our pilot Leon Jokinen (a.k.a. Joki) is a fourth year medical student at LMU, specializing in neuroanatomy. As part of the Experimental Design sub-team of our Brain-Computer Interface team, he helps plan and design the mental tasks, data acquisition setting and experimental procedures. All of this enables him to learn the best way of controlling the game and continuously improve.

About the Device

Our device consists of two parts. The first part taking care of the data acquisition is a certified 24-channel mobile EEG provided by the company mBrainTrain. The second part is our own contribution to the device and comes in the form of a python pipeline to process and classify the recorded EEG signals. We do not modify the certified EEG and only interface to it via the lab-streaming-layer.

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