VIS / Vision Assistance Race



About the Team

NextVPU (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a technology innovation company focusing on the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer vision processing chips and related applications. NextVPU has around 300 employees and more than 80% of the team are R&D engineers. NextVPU has a goal of “AI for Good”, to make the world better for everyone including the disabilities.


About the Pilot

We have two pilots in our team, with Dongyue Cai serving as the primary pilot and Jiajun Yang as the backup pilot. Dongyue Cai is visually impaired, while Jiajun Yang has low vision. Both are integral members of our team and have played a proactive role in the development and testing of product functionalities. They exhibit an optimistic and cheerful demeanour and share a keen interest in cutting-edge technology.

About the Device

Our device is an experimental product currently in development. The device utilizes a worn camera assembly to recognize the surrounding environment, including information about obstacles and depth. It analyses and provides feedback to the user through vibrations and sound effects. We believe our product will ultimately bring convenience to individuals who are blind or have low vision.


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