LEG / Leg Prosthesis Race



About the Team

The Rehab Technologies Lab team consists of engineers and researchers specialising in mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, biomedical, computer science, and neuroscience.

The Rehab Technologies Lab team, supported by a team of medical specialists and patients, takes care of every stage of the innovative development process: from the design and prototyping stage to the assembly and testing of the device. The characteristics of the Rehab team are unique: expertise, passion, cultural variety and freshness, ambition and continuous research in daily work.

About the Pilot

Andrea is a young person, ​he has been a mechanic in the motorcycle industry and now is a full-time ski athlete for the Italian Paralympic team.

​“I am really looking forward to participating in CYBATHLON 2024. I am a sports lover and enjoy pushing my limits. This will be an opportunity to show what I can do.”​

About the Device

Omnia is a lower limb prosthesis consisting of a prosthetic knee in which there is a combination of hydraulic and electric technologies for achieving smooth motion activities while providing active assistance when needed and a prosthetic ankle within which there is an high-profile carbon foot, to provide the best energy restitution behaviour, coupled with an innovative lead-screw mechanism.

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