LEG / Leg Prosthesis Race


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About the Team

Our SPARK (Specialists in Prosthetic Advancements and Rehabilitation Kinetics) Team is a diverse and multidisciplinary group, comprising engineers, designers, researchers, physiotherapists, and sport rehabilitation specialists. This holistic approach sets us apart, as we combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of human physiology and biomechanics. With our collective knowledge and skills, we are uniquely positioned to develop a device that maximises performance and ensures the overall well-being of our pilot, Igor. Our unique "mechatronics approach" and collaborative spirit bring innovation and creativity, allowing us to tackle complex challenges with agility and precision while ensuring the robustness and reliability of our solution. Together, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of assistive technology and creating a prosthetic leg that empowers our pilot to perform at their best in the Cybathlon competition.

About the Pilot

Our pilot, Igor Burkovetskyy, is a determined and resilient individual who has overcome challenges with grace and perseverance. As a high above-knee amputee with a passion for sports (gym and riding his bicycle) and technology, Igor embodies the spirit of the CYBATHLON competition as a winner. With a strong desire to push the limits of what is possible, Igor is the perfect candidate to represent our team in the LEG RACE event. His feedback, insights, and commitment to excellence will be invaluable in developing and testing our device, ensuring that it meets the specific needs and preferences of the user.

About the Device

Our device for the CYBATHLON Leg Prosthesis Race is a state-of-the-art prosthetic leg designed to provide our pilot with optimal performance and agility. Leveraging advanced materials, cutting-edge technology, and innovative and bio-inspired design principles, our device offers superior comfort, stability, and control. It features customisable settings and adaptive mechanisms that allow for remarkable integration with the user's body and movements, enhancing both speed and efficiency during the race. Built with durability and reliability in mind, our prosthetic leg undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its safety and functionality under various conditions. With a focus on user-centred design and continuous improvement, our device represents the forefront of prosthetic technology, empowering our pilot to compete at the highest level and achieve success in the CYBATHLON Leg Prosthesis Race.

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