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The pool of almost 20 coaches from interdisciplinary studies.

Our Coaches

The workshops are conducted by CYBATHLON @school trained coaches, mostly ETH students. The pool of almost 20 coaches comes from interdisciplinary studies such as health sciences, computer science, applied languages, civil engineering, mathematics, geography, mechanical engineering and architecture. During the workshops, the coaches show the children what challenges persons with disabilities face. Together they consider how these obstacles and challenges can be removed or how assistive technologies can be designed so that people with disabilities can go about their daily lives independently and at the same time as part and parcel of society.

Mirjam Baumann

Mirjam studied geography at the University of Zurich. Working as a CYBATHLON @school coach combines her skills in didactics, science, sports and interaction with students/pupils.

Marie-Christine Fluet

Marie-Christine is a neuroscientist and an entrepreneur with experience in the medtech industry. The mission of the CYBATHLON, pushing the advance of assistive technologies for people with disabilities, is her personal mission.

Jana Egli

Jana received a bachelor's degree in health sciences and technology from ETH, where she is currently enrolled in a master's course in biomedical engineering. She finds it interesting to show children what is now feasible in the field of medical robots.

Michelangelo Gautschi

During his studies, Michelangelo focused on neuroscience, rehabilitation engineering and regenerative medicine. He aims to support CYBATHLON’s mission to raise awareness about assistive technologies and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

CYBATHLON @school coach Tanja Güller | © CYBATHLON

Tanja Güller

Tanja is currently studying biology & neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich. She has been supporting the CYBATHLON competition since 2020. She is particularly captivated by the interdisciplinary approach which promotes medical engineering through the competition.

Louis Hurschler

Louis is studying Computer Science at ETH Zurich and he is currently in the 4th semester of his bachelor’s degree. He is a CYBATHLON @school coach as he was particularly fascinated and impressed by the interaction of technology and people.

Anna Knill

Anna is currently pursuing her PhD in the area of rehabilitation of the upper extremities at the cereneo – Center for Neurology & Rehabilitation. The CYBATHLON combines her two big areas of interest – people with disabilities and technology and as a coach she loves to pass her passion to younger people.

Fabienne Knöpfli

Fabienne is studying Biomedical Engineering and at the moment she is writing her master’s thesis on “Adaptive Radiation Therapy in Prostate Cancer”. She loves being a coach as CYBATHLON @school offers the opportunity to make students aware of the challenges for people with disabilities.

Elena Luzi

Elena is a biology student. She is at CYBATHLON because she loves the different backgrounds that come together in a team, and she has a lot of fun with the interaction between people, technology and competition - especially at the CYBATHLON @school.

Celine Ly

Celine is currently studying mechanical engineering with a focus on robotics for biomedical applications. She has been involved in CYBATHLON since 2020 and aims to pass on this fascination and her knowledge from her studies to children and young people.

Stefan Schmid

Stefan is currently pursuing his master’s degree at ETH Zurich. CYBATHLON has fascinated him for a long time. Research thrives on the ability to exchange ideas with each other and CYBATHLON offers the perfect platform for this.

Alexander Staikov

Alexander is studying computer science at ETH Zurich and is in the 6th semester of his bachelor’s degree. Two of his biggest passions are spontaneous travel and computer science. At CYBATHLON he loves to share his passion for technology with others.

Lina Wäsch

Lina is a computer science student at ETH Zurich. She is particularly passionate about how technology and innovation can improve people's lives, and CYBATHLON provides her with the perfect platform to do so.

Lea Zemp

Lea is pursuing her study in multilingual communication at the ZHAW in Winterthur. CYBATHLON made her aware of the challenges of everyday life for people with disabilities. Because CYBATHLON promotes greater understanding and breaks down barriers, the project is significant to her.

Talant Ziadinov

Talant is currently studying systems engineering at the ZHAW in Winterthur and intends to specialize in the field of medical technology. He admires the concept of CYBATHLON, in which people of all kinds have the same goals and compete against each other at the same time with their assistive technologies.

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