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How do you tie shoes with a robotic prosthetic arm, cross uneven terrain with a prosthetic leg and overcome stairs with a wheelchair?

The CYBATHLON at ETH Zurich is a unique, international platform to promote the development of assistance systems for people with disabilities that are suitable for everyday use, communication about research and development, and inclusion. The school program developed as part of the CYBATHLON project - CYBATHLON @school - not only imparts knowledge in STEM subjects but also aims to make a lasting contribution to a change in thinking and to equality for people with disabilities.

Are you interested in the development of everyday assistance systems for people with disabilities, inclusion and robotics and do you like to pass on your knowledge to students?

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Tasks - Module feed-throughs

After a short training course, you will carry out the various modules independently with school classes (elementary school to higher technical college). In the computer science, biology and product development modules, you will work with the elbow exoskeleton "Flexo", which was specially developed for school lessons. In addition to the various STEM subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology), CYBATHLON @school modules are also available in subjects such as sports and ethics. You are responsible for the material and set-up, provide the short learning input and supervise the class during the practical part. The modules last between 1.5 and 8 hours and are conducted at ETH or on-site in the classroom and are usually accompanied by an ambassador with a physical disability.

Scope - 4 modules per month

Approx. 4 module implementations per month can be expected, the assignments can be chosen according to availability.

If you are interested and have the appropriate expertise or training, CYBATHLON @school coaches can also take on other tasks in the context of didactic and content-related development of the modules and/or hardware maintenance, which can also be taken on by CYBATHLON @school coaches.

Requirements - Inclusion and equality

Inclusion and equality are close to your heart. You have an interest in current technologies and in interacting with students. You speak German, are a reliable, open-minded person, enjoy communicating educational content and are articulate. You like to work alone but also in a team and want to advance inclusion in society together with us.

Pay - CHF 30.7.-/hour

The hourly wage incl. the vacation portion for auxiliary assistants is set by the Executive Board of ETH Zurich: CHF 30.7.-.

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Our Current Coaches
Child to be seen with flexo
Laughing girl
Sewing machine
Pupils test the electrodes
Pupils listen to a lecture
Pupils doing a task
Children solving a task with the help of a prosthetic arm
Children looking at a device
Girl is smiling while driving in wheelchair
Pupils look at and test the Flexo device
girl runs with prosthetic leg
A pupil who raises his thumb
Primary school pupils try to master the wheelchair course
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