Acting as CYBATHLON medical partner – a commitment to a humane approach, innovation and top-class medical services

29th October 2020

Schulthess Klinik focuses on people and how they move with the basic values of top-class medical services, a humane approach and innovation. CYBATHLON also embodies these values.

 ‘Outstanding performance made possible by brilliant innovations and close cooperation in a team – all in an effort to help people who need assistance – we are pleased to be able to support a project as meaningful as CYBATHLON by serving as a medical partner,’ explains CEO Andrea Rytz.

This is how Schulthess Klinik is supporting CYBATHLON

As part of its comprehensive commitment, Schulthess Klinik is making its services available to CYBATHLON 2020, particularly as a medical partner. The medical partnership comprises medical checks for pilots to ensure safety and fair starting conditions.

Learn more about Schulthess Klinik's commitment to the CYBATHLON 2020:

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