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Showing visitors around the exhibition (Dominic Büttner) | © ETH Zurich / CYBATHLON
14th July 2023

ETH Zurich / CYBATHLON Inclusive Design at Milano Design Week 2023

“This is one of the best exhibitions I have seen this year” is what we heard often from the many visitors at the Milano Design Week 2023.

CYBATHLON Challenges 2023 Assistance Robot Race | © CYBATHLON
27th June 2023

The CYBATHLON 2024 Teams and Their Pilots

CYBATHLON 2024 is almost at hand and the whole attention will be on our main players – the teams and their pilots. Here, we highlight several of our teams and their pilots today since they will be showcasing cutting-edge assistive technologies.

ROB Race CYBATHLON Challenges 2023 | © CYBATHLON
CYBATHLONChallenges February 2024
22nd June 2023

CYBATHLON Challenges 2024

The CYBATHLON Challenges offer development teams the opportunity to involve people with disabilities in their development process from the very beginning and to test their assistance systems in a competitive situation.

CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis Race during the Challenges 2022 | © CYBATHLON
CYBATHLONChallenges March 2023
20th March 2023

The CYBATHLON Challenges March 2023: Schedule and Races

On Wednesday, 29 March 2023, fifteen teams will test their assistance technologies throughout the five disciplines listed for the CYBATHLON Challenges 2023.

Student Kyle Briggs, the Arm2u team carrier, using the prosthesis in one of the tests at the Cybathlon Challenge in Switzerland in May 2022 | © Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
CYBATHLONChallenges March 2023
2nd March 2023

Engineering students from the UPC create a 3D-printed functional robotic arm

The Arm2u team from the UPC’s ETSEIB, has designed and manufactured using 3D printing technology a customisable transradial prosthesis that responds to the user’s nerve impulses.

16th February 2023

Visual Impairment, Assistance Technologies and CYBATHLON Vision Assistance Race

Through Vision Assistance Race, CYBATHLON aims to push research in the field of visual aid.

Mahidol BCI team in Thailand participating CYBATHLON BCI race from their home hub. | © CYBATHLON
9th February 2023

Where are we with brain-computer interfaces?

We cut through the hype to look at the challenges and exciting new developments in the brain-computer interface (BCI) field.

CYBATHLON atSchool workshop Tenero | © CYBATHLON
25th January 2023

CYBATHLON @school – Fostering New Ways of Thinking about Science and Technology

The learning modules promote awareness, foster new ways of thinking, and sustainable advance inclusion and equality for those with disabilities in society.

SmartArm pilot Christophe Huchet performs CYBATHLON Challenges tasks | © CYBATHLON / ETH Zurich
CYBATHLONChallenges March 2023
14th December 2022

CYBATHLON Challenges, March 2023: the second staging

For the second time, CYBATHLON is holding competitions for people with disabilities at several locations simultaneously.

Visitors at CYBATHLON Exhibition at Swiss Handicap 2022 | © CYBATHLON ETH Zurich
8th December 2022

CYBATHLON Experience at Swiss Handicap 2022

CYBATHLON participated in the Swiss Handicap exhibition with its eight disciplines set for CYBATHLON 2024 presenting hands-on demos.

Cybathlon 2016, Kloten. Team RT-Movers JPN  | © ETH Zürich/Alessandro Della Bella
28th November 2022

CYBATHLON: Pushing the Limits for a World without Barriers

Mitigating the Gaps between People with Disabilities, Assistive Technologies, and the Society

CYBATHLON pilot happy to have completed wheelchair race
9th August 2022

How to win a CYBATHLON

Preparing for CYBATHLON 2024? Here are four steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

CYBATHLONChallenges May 2022
4th May 2022

Watch the CYBATHLON Challenges from 18 May

The first CYBATHLON Challenges can be watched from 18 to 20 May 2022 in a stream on

7th April 2022

Races and Rules 2024 are published

CYBATHLON officially starts the Road to 2024: In May the first CYBATHLON Challenges will take place and now the Races and Rules for the upcoming period until 2024 have been published.

1st April 2022

More uncertainty and variability in the new CYBATHLON competition

The new Races and Rules for the CYBATHLON period up until 2024 will be published in early April. Why does CYBATHLON organise a competition for people with disabilities and how will this competition be further developed in line with the changing needs of people with disabilities? CYBATHLON Head of Competition Lukas Jäger has answers.

Pilot with prosthetic arm piles up cups
CYBATHLONChallenges May 2022
28th February 2022

CYBATHLON Challenges: CYBATHLON launches new Format

CYBATHLON launches a new event format and carries out the first edition of the new CYBATHLON Challenges in May 2022 in four disciplines. The new format allows development teams to test their devices at an early stage and foster collaboration with pilots from the very beginning.

A group of developers forms a team circle | © CYBATHLON
1st December 2021

Become part of CYBATHLON!

Do you research and develop assistive technology such as exoskeletons, intelligent white canes for the blind or powered wheelchairs? Or do you wear a prosthesis yourself? Do you want to contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities and work towards a world without barriers? Then become part of CYBATHLON now!

CYBATHLON 2024 announcement  | © CYBATHLON
2nd November 2021

CYBATHLON 2024: Two new disciplines and a new event format for a world without barriers

ETH Zurich’s unique non-profit project continues! From 25 to 27 October 2024, the third edition of the CYBATHLON will take place in a global format. The organisers are adding two more disciplines to the original six: a race using smart visual assistive technologies and a race using assistive robots. As a platform, CYBATHLON challenges teams from around the world to develop everyday assistive technologies for, and in collaboration with, people with disabilities.

Accessibility graphic
14th June 2021

A world without barriers: Inclusion as a matter of course

What will our world look like in 2040? How do we communicate, travel and work? What’s on our minds, and what isn’t anymore? This is how CYBATHLON's communications manager imagines a day in 2040.

CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
14th November 2020

This was the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition

Today was the last day of the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition. In total, 51 teams from 20 countries competed against each other, completing everyday tasks with the help of state-of-the-art assistance systems. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the teams competed for the first time in different time zones and locations. Apart from the winning teams, the technological advances attracted the most attention, as they also promote social inclusion.

At the CYBATHLON 2016 prosthetic leg pilot gets up from the sofa station
CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
10th November 2020

Join us live at the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition

On 13 and 14 November, the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition will be broadcast on the new CYBATHLON website. In this one-​of-a-kind championship initiated by ETH, individuals with disabilities compete using the latest assistance technologies. Over 50 teams from around the world will be taking part in the qualifying rounds.

Pilot with exoskeleton overcomes slalom obstacle in competition
CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
7th November 2020

Quiz: Are you ready for the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition?

On 13 and 14 November, teams from all over the world will be brought together on a unique platform as they compete against each other from locations around the globe. So how much do you know about the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition?

Wheelchair pilot from Hong Kong and her team member high-five each other in the stadium.
CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
6th November 2020

The community makes another huge effort

The CYBATHLON is more than a competition. This has been demonstrated once again in the last few days, when the organising committee was forced to re-adapt the format together with the teams.

Robert Riener and Joachim Schoss on the cover of the ETH Podcast
CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
4th November 2020

CYBATHLON 2020 - united in virtual space

The current episode of the ETH Podcast is dedicated to the CYBATHLON, a competition for people with physical disabilities. We have spoken with two project contributors.

Doctors carry out a medical check
CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
4th November 2020

Medical Checks around the world to ensure safety and fair starting conditions

As part of its comprehensive commitment, Schulthess Klinik is making its services available to CYBATHLON 2020, particularly as a medical partner. The medical partnership comprises medical checks for pilots to ensure safety and fair starting conditions.

CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
29th October 2020

Acting as CYBATHLON medical partner – a commitment to a humane approach, innovation and top-class medical services

Schulthess Klinik focuses on people and how they move with the basic values of top-class medical services, a humane approach and innovation. CYBATHLON also embodies these values.

Leg prosthesis pilot Stefan Poth gets prosthesis ready for take-off.
CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
15th October 2020

On the home straight

On 13 and 14 November 2020, some 60 teams from all over the world will compete at CYBATHLON 2020. It’s the high point that pilot Stefan Poth has been waiting for – postponed by months due to the pandemic. At last, he can show what he can achieve when wearing a leg prosthesis.

BCI pilots in competition situation
CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
11th September 2020

This is the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition

More than 60 teams from all over the world will compete in this year's CYBATHLON. A unique new platform will bring together highly motivated pilots participating in the established disciplines from around the globe. Here is what you can expect from the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition.

BCI pilot Samuel Kunz during training
CYBATHLONGlobal Edition 2020
21st April 2020

Brain game

He can play a computer game using thought alone. Samuel Kunz, who has tetraplegia, is currently training with researchers from Zurich and Singapore for the next Cybathlon.

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