Medical Checks around the world to ensure safety and fair starting conditions

4th November 2020
Doctors carry out a medical check

As part of its comprehensive commitment, Schulthess Klinik is making its services available to CYBATHLON 2020, particularly as a medical partner. The medical partnership comprises medical checks for pilots to ensure safety and fair starting conditions.

This new global format also challenges Schulthess Klinik as a medical partner. The Medical Team, led by neurologists Prof. Dvořák and Dr. Manjaly, is examining 57 pilots from 21 countries, domiciled in time zones around the world.

The medical checks

The pilots undergo the medical check before they can start competing in their discipline. The Schulthess Klinik medical team is responsible for the medical preparation for and implementation of these medical checks. It assesses each of the starting pilots, most of them in collaboration with a specialist on the ground via a remote examination. The teams come from over 20 countries spread across different time zones around the world. The specialists on site are carefully recruited in advance and briefed about the examination. Depending on the discipline, our medical team checks other aspects with the local specialists, including neurological tests in particular.

The medical checks ensure the safety of the pilots and guarantee fair starting conditions.

The medical team

The medical team is led by the two neurologists Prof. Jiří Dvořák and Dr Zina-Mary Manjaly. They both have extensive experience in clinical work directly with patients as well as in scientific research activities. 

Thanks to Schulthess Klinik’s interdisciplinary approach, they frequently exchange ideas with other specialist departments at Schulthess Klinik. Surgical and conservative disciplines, as well as internal medicine and research, go hand in hand with neurology and can be consulted if required, including for the CYBATHLON medical checks.

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Acting as CYBATHLON medical partner – our commitment to a humane approach, innovation and top-class medical services

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