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1st December 2021
A group of developers forms a team circle | © CYBATHLON

A group of developers forms a team circle


From 25 to 27 October 2024, the third edition of the CYBATHLON will take place in a new format! You are invited to compete with your team in the Arena Schluefweg in Kloten, near Zurich, or you can organise your own local CYBATHLON hub and participate in the competition in this way. We are adding two more disciplines to the original six: a race using smart visual assistive technologies for blind people and a race using assistive robots for people with severely limited use of their arms and legs.

More Information about Team Registration

If you are a technology developer or a person with a disability, and you want to work towards a world without barriers, we're happy to have you on board of the CYBATHLON community! You can find all information about team registration on

Zoom Meetings

In December, we will hold zoom meetings for interested teams where we will talk about the new format and our planned activities on the road to 2024, explain the changes in the Races & Rules and introduce the new online team registration. Of course, there will also be space to address individual questions from teams. If you're interested in joining a zoom meeting, please contact us at

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