Watch the CYBATHLON Challenges from 18 May

4th May 2022

The CYBATHLON Challenges in May 2022 will consist of three disciplines, each broadcast on one day on

  • Wednesday, 18 May, 12 pm (CET): Exoskeleton Race
  • Thursday, 19 May, 12 pm (CET): Arm Prosthesis Race
  • Friday, 20 May, 12 pm (CET): Wheelchair Race

The stream will include the races of the participating teams, co-hosted and commented on by Nick Fellows, who already hosted the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition, and the Head of CYBATHLON, Roland Sigrist. Each team has two attempts to solve one task from the 2024 rulebook in the shortest possible time. The team with the best time wins. Thus, the CYBATHLON Challenges are also a benchmark for non-participating teams: they can try to beat the best time from the CYBATHLON Challenges on the Road to 2024.

Nine teams at four hubs

A total of nine teams are taking part in the CYBATHLON Challenges in May - five in the Arm Prosthesis Race and two each in the Exoskeleton and Wheelchair Races. Of the nine teams, there are two new ones that have never competed in a CYBATHLON event before: ARM2u and Karla Bionics.

In the Arm Prosthesis Race, the French team SmartArM and the Indonesian team Karla Bionics will compete at their homes in Paris and Bandung, respectively. The Spanish team ARM2u and the two Swedish teams e-OPRA and x-OPRA will start at the hub in Zurich. In the Exoskeleton Race, the Dutch team Project MARCH will start at their home in Delft and the Swiss team VariLeg enhanced in Zurich. The two teams in the Wheelchair Race, the Swiss teams Robility enhanced (formerly HSR enhanced) and Scewo, will also start in Zurich.

Promoting cooperation from the very beginning

The CYBATHLON Challenges offer development teams the opportunity to involve people with disabilities in their development process from the very beginning and to test their assistance systems in a competitive situation. The online competitions are expected to take place twice a year in several or all CYBATHLON disciplines until CYBATHLON 2024. The competition management will provide the teams with a task from the Races and Rules of the CYBATHLON 2024, which they will set up at home in order to carry out the competition.

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