LEG / Leg Prosthesis Race

Össur Bionics


About the Team

Össur is a leading global provider of innovative mobility solutions. The company was founded in 1971 by Icelandic prosthetist and amputee Össur Kristinsson, who developed the breakthrough silicone interface for prosthetic sockets, the Iceross® liner. Össur is focused on improving people’s mobility through the delivery of Prosthetics, Bracing & Supports and accompanying patient care.

Significant ongoing investment in research and development has led to over 2,100 patents, award-winning designs, and successful clinical outcomes.

Össur technologies transform lives as they are designed to enhance mobility, confidence, comfort, and quality of life. Our holistic solutions with unprecedented capabilities enable patients worldwide to achieve their goals further and lead a Life Without Limitations.

From microprocessor knees to POWERED microprocessor knees.

From microprocessor ankles to POWERED microprocessor ankles.

Power transforms lives and is what drives us. We are seeing transformative outcomes across the spectrum of traditional patient profiles, and we believe power can add significant value to anyone’s prosthesis.

About the Pilot

About the Device

We will present our innovative bionic leg.

Our Team will showcase Power Knee and our powered ankle (currently under development) to complete the race with an actively powered leg.

The Power Knee is a motor-powered microprocessor knee. It provides active assistance while walking on level ground, climbing and descending ramps or stairs, and standing up. Power Knee enables users to maintain and regain mobility and participate in the daily activities they enjoy.

The powered ankle being showcased is still under development. The Össur Bionics Team is utilising the CYBATHLON 2024 as this device's first real live test.

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