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Angel Robotics 2

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About the Team

Angel Robotics have a mission: "We want to be the angels for those who need our technology. They shall be able to wander through life independently and autonomously". Accordingly, the team motivation and inspiration to create a potentially life-changing tool is high: "The pilots are the center of our team. Now, a short time ahead of CYBATHLON, we invest a lot of time and energy in the preparation, but when we see the development, progress and joy of our pilots, this investment is surely worthwhile and fills our hearts with happiness. We spend a lot of time with the pilots, supporting them on their path of life as mentors," explains one of the team managers Jungsu Choi.

In 2016, the team participated in CYBATHLON under the name SG Mechatronics and finished third with pilot Kim Byeong-Uk, after which the start-up Angel Robotics was founded. The team includes engineers and rehabilitation physicians. Their combined knowledge and the latest technology of both areas went into the WalkOn Suit exoskeleton. Thanks to the success at CYBATHLON four years ago, the team was able to expand and will start in 2020 with one female coached by teamleader Hanseung Woo and one male pilot managed by teamleader Jungsu Choi.

About the Pilot

Only at the beginning of last year, Lee Joo-Hyun had a bad car accident and suffered complete paralysis. "At the hospital I was depressed, all of a sudden, I had no purpose or prospect anymore. Becoming part of Angel Robotics was a new challenge for me and the chance to develop mentally, and to socialize. The team helped me a lot to get out of the depression," says the 19-year-old student from Seoul.

It’s difficult for me to relax when I go to the park, for example, because many people stare at me which makes me feel uncomfortable," Lee explains. "I am very grateful for my family and friends who support me every day, but I also wish that I could live more independently in the future. Being part of Angel Robotics at the CYBATHLON is an unforgettable and priceless opportunity in my life!”


November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

Angel Robotics 2 - Team Portrait

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