WHL / Wheelchair Race



About the Team

An international team of students and founders from different disciplines. All disciplines, disabilities, genders, nationalities, religions and ages are welcome to join us!

Autak has developed a wheelchair that can overcome stairs, curbs and cobblestones, with wheels that can adapt to any surface to prevent slipping. Autak participated in the CYBATHLON Challenges in March 2023 and will be back competing at CYBATHLON 2024 in the Wheelchair Race.

About the Pilot

“I have been in a wheelchair since I was born, that is my whole life. I am very involved in the area of accessibility. Autak is also committed to accessibility, among other things, and so I thought, I have to take part!” Florian Ernst will participate in the CYBATHLON 2024 Wheelchair Race as the pilot for Autak, a non-profit organisation using innovation to foster inclusion.



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