BCI / Brain-Computer Interface Race

Beta Bursts


About the Team

We are a team of 8 people: three PhDs, one postdoc, one research engineer and three PIs located in Lyon and Grenoble for our first participation in the CYBATHLON!

We have an extended track record of real-time EEG-based BCIs using P300 and long-standing clinical collaborations through studies. Therefore, it was logical for us to join this competition in 2024!

About the Pilot

Lucas is 26 years old and lives near Lyon, in Mions. He experienced a stroke at the age of 15, which left him in a Locked-In Syndrome state. Driven by his passion for workout, he has managed to recover micro-movements. He practices a lot with the help of a coach and by himself.

He immediately embraced this challenge, which requires a great deal of training and perseverance on his part!

About the Device

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is used to measure the activity on the surface of the motor cortex to decode motor imagery performed by our pilot Lucas. To issue commands, Lucas imagines flexing his right or left arm and based on features extracted for the EEG our algorithms decode the motor intention.

Following the work of our team members, Dr. James Bonaiuto, Sotirios Papadopoulos and Dr. Jérémie Mattout, on transient oscillations (bursts) in the beta band and in the motor cortex, we have built a motor-imagery-based BCI using features derived from bursts.

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