Portrait photo CYBATHLON Team

LEG / Leg Prosthesis Race

BionicM Inc.


About the Team

Dr. Xiaojun Sun is CEO of the prosthetics company BionicM and he knows better than almost anyone the importance of the products of the company he heads. Sun was 9 years old when he had his right leg amputated. For fifteen years he used crutches, because his family could not afford a prosthesis. "The performance of my first prosthesis moved me deeply, but at the same time I became aware of various problems and barriers in everyday life. Since that experience, it was clear to me that I wanted to develop better prostheses myself," Sun recalls. He enrolled at Tokyo University as an exchange student, where he began developing robotic prostheses as part of his doctoral thesis. With the knowledge he gained, he founded BionicM in Japan, which is still supported by Tokyo University. "The M in the name stands for mobility and mankind. The combination of robot technology and the human body is intended to drive the development of mobility," explains the dedicated CEO. BionicM's leg prosthesis is characterized by the support of natural body movement with a motorized knee joint. This enables impressively fluid movements. However, also with the prosthesis from BionicM the obstacle course at the CYBATHLON is a great challenge.

About the Pilot

Kentaro Higuchi

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