ARM / Arm Prosthesis Race

Karla Bionics


About the Team

Karla Bionics is a spin-off company from the Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. We developed our prosthesis together with our user to ensure its desirability. We consider the business aspect to ensure its viability. And with an interdisciplinary approach, we ensure the technical feasibility of our prosthesis. We do this to fulfill our life-calling through design and engineering.

The CYBATHLON-Challenges in May 2022 are the first CYBATHLON event Karla Bionics participates in.

About the Pilot

Yayat Supriyatna is a passionate rock drummer with warm and cheerful personality. He has been working three years together with the Karla Bionics team to develop an innovative prosthesis. He believes that his condition is not a weaknesses, but a uniqueness, which can help open many possibilities for him to achieve something he could not do before. Do you want to see him playing drum with his assitive device? Check out his youtube channel at Yatshadowz.

About the Device

Panangan Prosthesis Arm is developed with affordability in mind to create a unique solution. A body powered prosthesis, Panangan uses a whippletree mechanism principle to create an intuitive gripping feature. We adapt a running shoe structure to create an adaptive and convenience socket. To improve the user's confidence, we utilise therm-formed Polyvinyl Chloride to create a bionic-like cover.

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