Portrait photo CYBATHLON Team

FES / Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race



About the Team

The MAHIDOL BCILAB team starts at CYBATHLON with two teams in different disciplines for the Thai Mahidol University. As the name suggests in the BCI contest as well as in the FES cycling race. BCI technology was at the origin of the developments of Team MAHIDOL BCILAB. "One day we asked ourselves: why not take part in the FES race with a trike?”, team manager Pongsakorn Wechakarn remembers, “we thought it was a good idea and just started.” What they have achieved they will demonstrate at CYBATHLON.

About the Pilot

"I’m very lucky to be part of the team and to experience CYBATHLON. When I saw the lab and training facility for the first time, it was like a dream", Sakjuti Plungpongpun says, "I’m an artist and got the opportunity to work with the team on the FES bike design. I want to show what we have developed, and that society changes its views on disabled people."

The Thai had a motorcycle accident 16 years ago: "When I woke up, I realized that I could no longer walk. I had to change my whole life, everything that was normal was suddenly different – going to bed or to the bathroom, driving a car or other everyday things". Sakjuti recalls that he quickly found his way back into life – in parts because he started passing on his own experience: "Now I help others in similar situations. I read a book by Davinci, it inspired me how to use art to create something new. Now I’m an artist and teacher" For his future he wishes to travel the world and develop new tools for the disabled.


November 13th 2020, 12:00 am


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