Portrait photo of CYBATHLON Team

BCI / Brain-Computer Interface Race



About the Team

The Neurobotics team has already participated in CYBATHLON 2016 and is one of the few that is not backed by a university or other research laboratory. Behind the Russian team is the company Neuroassistive Technologies LLC, which develops and produces various devices in the field of BCI technology. The team is led by the CEO of the company, Vladimir Konyshev, and his colleague Alexander Zonov. Their pilot Ruslan Nurullin will compete with the NeuroPlay headset, which was developed by Neuroassistive Technologies. Some of the technicians of the Russian company are working on combining BCI with robotics. This is especially interesting for people with a quadriplegia who hope to be able to control devices with their thoughts and thereby gain more independence.


About the Pilot

Ruslan Nurullin from Russia is looking forward to CYBATHLON and is ambitious: "I started training for the BCI Series 2019 and I’m super motivated and ready to show my best at CYBATHLON!"

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