Portrait photo of CYBATHLON Team REHAB TECH

ARM / Arm Prosthesis Race



About the Team

"The technology behind ‘Hannes’, the prosthesis is simple, it’s only one engine with different mechanisms,” team manager Nicolò Boccardo says humbly. Nevertheless, Hannes has some remarkable skills: “The polyarticulated hand allows our pilot to automatically adjust the grip to the shape of any object to be grasped." explains the mechatronics engineer. Team REHAB TECH will represent the joint laboratory Rehab Technologies founded by the university Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and the public accident insurance of Italy INAIL. CYBATHLON will be the first public appearance of Hannes, but Nicolò and his team want more than a good result: "As a team, we stick together, but we also question our work, we are open for dialogue and new ideas. We want to develop the project further and are also looking for partners to bring Hannes to the market so that it can be used by as many people as possible."

About the Pilot

Colian Rossi’s daily companion is called Hannes and is a forearm prosthesis developed at the Istituto di Tecnologia in Genoa. “It’s very different from the one I have been using before,” says Colian who is training with it since a few months for the upcoming CYBATHLON. "I will be competing for the first time and I’m very happy to participate but I’m also a bit anxious,” he admits, “to complete tasks in front of an audience and in a competition, this will make me nervous.” But he considers this to be an opportunity: “Taking on challenges means to evolve.” Not only is he learning to deal with such a situation, Colian is also acquiring new techniques which can make his everyday life easier. Moreover, he has made friends, preparing for CYBATHLON. "We have met regularly for training, tested and improved the prosthesis. It would be great if it got an active thumb and wrist in the future.”


  • November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

    REHAB TECH - Team Portrait

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