ARM / Arm Prosthesis Race



About the Team

“The polyarticulated myoelectric prosthetic hand Hannes Arm allows our pilot to automatically adjust the grip to the shape of any object to be grasped." explains the mechatronics engineer and team manager Nicolò Boccardo. Team REHAB TECH will represent the joint laboratory Rehab Technologies founded by Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and the public accident insurance of Italy INAIL. Our team is comprised of experts from various disciplines, including robotics, biomechanics, and human-computer interaction. This diversity of expertise enables us to approach challenges from multiple angles, resulting in innovative solutions that surpass conventional boundaries. Through close collaboration with users and healthcare professionals, we ensure that our technology meets the evolving needs of the people we serve. The Cybathlon 2024 Edition will be the second adventure for Hannes, which in the Cybathlon 2020 Global Edition successfully placed in the first half of the final ranking. This time, a new and high technological version of Hannes, now called Hannes Arm, will be the protagonist, implementing new movements bust still mantaining a very natural and anthropomorphic design.

About the Pilot

About the Device


November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

REHAB TECH - Team Portrait

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