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About the Team

RT-Movers stands for "Rough Terrain Mover" – a four-wheeled wheelchair that drives similar to a car and has the ability to move stably and quickly but using little energy. Team manager Shuro Nakajima explains: “Our goal is to help create the mobility of the future. With our technology, everyone can enjoy the freedom of mobility, including the disabled and the elderly”.

Team RT-Movers from Wakayama University in Japan will start at CYBATHLON for the second time. In 2016 they reached the finals and finished 4th, but with a different pilot than this year. “Over the last four years, we have installed a robotic arm and made other specifications. We are happy to be part of it again and to expand our network with like-minded people," concludes Shuro.

About the Pilot

35 years ago, Morita Masanori had an accident and since then has had complete paraplegia, his left hand is partially paralyzed. Recently, the vision in his left eye has also started to deteriorate. Despite all that, he never lost his zest for life: “I prefer to focus on the advantages of the future rather than the disadvantages for people with physical disabilities.” says the father of three who lives with them and his wife in Wakayama in the south of Japan. In December 2019 he got to know RT-Mover’s electrical wheelchair. "The technology impressed me, and I thought this is going to be an exciting experience. With our wheelchair, I can experience beautiful and challenging things which were beyond my imagination before”, Morita enthuses, “I’m looking forward to the competition. I train twice a week on the replicated course and I know that if I perform well and avoid careless mistakes, we have a good chance to be on the podium.”


November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

RT-Movers - Team Portrait

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