CYBATHLON took Center Stage at the RehaCare Exhibition 2023

3rd October 2023
CYBATHLON Booth at RehaCare 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON Booth at RehaCare 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany


In an era marked by remarkable advancements in technology and the relentless pursuit of inclusivity, the RehaCare Exhibition 2023 stood as a testament to human innovation and the boundless capabilities of assistive technologies. At the heart of this event was the CYBATHLON, an international competition where cutting-edge technology and the indomitable spirit of pilots with disabilities converged. Over the course of this article, we will delve into the world of CYBATHLON at RehaCare 2023, exploring the challenges, triumphs, and inspiring stories that unfolded during this event.

CYBATHLON Booth at RehaCare 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON Booth at RehaCare 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany


The Vision of CYBATHLON at RehaCare 2023

The RehaCare Exhibition remains the world's largest trade fair for rehabilitation with the widest range of market participants live on site. CYBATHLON was invited to this prominent platform to showcase its innovative competitions and cutting-edge assistive technologies that empower people with disabilities. Our participation in the RehaCare Exhibition served as a powerful testament to its commitment to advancing the field of assistive technology and promoting inclusivity. The visitors left the exhibition halls with a newfound appreciation for the capabilities of assistive technology and a sense of optimism about the possibilities that lie ahead. Roland Sigrist, Co-Head of CYBATHLON, summed up the spirit of CYBATHLON best: "We are not just breaking records; we are breaking barriers." Ultimately, CYBATHLON's presence at RehaCare reinforced its mission to break down barriers, inspire innovation, and create a more inclusive world for people with disabilities.

A Diverse Spectrum of Hands-On Demos

At RehaCare 2023, CYBATHLON featured a diverse array of disciplines, each highlighting the integration of technology into daily life. With hands-on-demos from the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Race, Exoskeleton Race, Wheelchair Race, Arm Prosthesis Race, Leg Prosthesis Race to Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race where teams displayed their latest technology, CYBATHLON showcased the wide spectrum of possibilities that assistive technologies offer.

One of the most awe-inspiring demos was the Powered Exoskeleton by Angel Robotics, where spinal cord injuries used wearable robotic exoskeletons to navigate a challenging obstacle course. These exoskeletons, equipped with sensors and advanced control systems, enabled the pilots to regain mobility and independence, defying the limitations imposed by their injuries.

CYBATHLON at RehaCare 2023

CYBATHLON at RehaCare 2023 in Düsseldof, Germany

Teams in the focus

The heart and soul of CYBATHLON competitions are the teams who participate, each with their own unique story of resilience and determination. Among the teams at RehaCare 2023 were Angel Robotics, Autak, BFH CybaTrike, Bionicohand, Makerhand, NextGuide, Riseand Scewo.

Angel Robotics: Angel Robotics showcased their advanced exoskeleton, allowing individuals with mobility impairments to walk with newfound freedom.
Autak: Autak unveiled their innovative wheelchair prototype, that can overcome obstacles such as stairs and curbs.

BFH CybaTrike: BFH CybaTrike presented their cutting-edge trike designed for individuals with paraplegia, redefining mobility for those with spinal cord injuries.

Bionicohand: Bionicohand demonstrated their state-of-the-art bionic hand, offering unparalleled dexterity and precision for amputees.

Makerhand: Makerhand displayed their remarkable prosthetic arm technology, showcasing its versatility and life-changing potential.

NextGuide: NextGuide's assistive technology provided navigation solutions for visually impaired individuals, promoting greater independence.

Rise: Rise presented their wearable robotic exoskeleton, empowering individuals with lower limb impairments to walk and overcome obstacles.

Scewo: Scewo introduced their advanced wheelchair, designed to navigate challenging terrains and offer enhanced mobility for users.

CYBATHLON Exoskeleton team Angel Robotics at RehaCare 2023 | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON Exoskeleton team Angel Robotics at RehaCare 2023


These teams demonstrated that, with the right technology and support, there are no limits to what people with disabilities can achieve. Above all, the collaboration and exchange among the teams was the highlight of our RehaCare this year. As we approach CYBATHLON 2024, we seek more teams to participate in various CYBATHLON disciplines. We are grateful for your suggestions of any teams, groups or companies that you know, work with and may be interested in participating in the CYBATHLON competitions.

International Collaboration

CYBATHLON's global reach was evident at RehaCare 2023, with teams from Croatia, France, Korea, Germany, and Switzerland showcasing their technological prowess. The event fostered collaboration among researchers, engineers, and people with disabilities, emphasizing the importance of a united effort to advance assistive technology. The event also highlighted the role of universities and research institutions such as ETH Zurich in driving innovation.

The RehaCare Exhibition 2023 showcased a remarkable fusion of innovation, competition, and human determination. In the world of CYBATHLON, the future looks promising, and the potential for advancing assistive technologies to empower individuals with disabilities is boundless. As we reflect on this extraordinary event, one thing is clear: CYBATHLON at RehaCare 2023 has underlined the importance of technology and humanity, offering a glimpse into a world where the impossible becomes possible. 

CYBATHLON Booth at RehaCare 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON Booth at RehaCare 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany


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