ARM / Arm Prosthesis Race



About the Team

Prensilia was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Its birth was possible thanks to the ingenuity and willpower of a group of researchers who sought to make their developed technologies usable for all national and international research laboratories.

For years, the Tuscan company has supplied highly dexterous anthropomorphic grippers to various research centres and universities, both for educational and pure research purposes. Products developed by Prensilia have been included in several R&D projects across different fields, such as artificial intelligence, neuroscience, prosthetics, human-robot interaction and humanoid robotics.

Since 2016, Prensilia has increasingly taken the path of developing upper-limb prosthetic medical devices, aiming to significantly improve the life quality of people who have undergone amputation. The year 2016 was particularly significant for Prensilia, as it marked the beginning of the first prototype of Mia Hand.

About the Device

Born not to be disguised. Born and raised with pride. We strongly believe that the use of cosmetic gloves is no longer necessary these days. Your multi-articulated myoelectric prosthesis is now able to adapt to your life, your style, and your taste. Eclectic or minimal? It matters little.

Mia Hand is the first myoelectric prosthesis that is fully customizable in its four external elements: the glove, fingers, fingertips, and protective covers to be applied over the glove.

Today, Mia Hand is the ideal solution to satisfy your functional, aesthetic and control simplicity needs. It is strong and fast, as well as easy to control. It allows to perform the three grasps mainly used during activities of daily living (cylindrical, pinch and lateral) using a simple two-site amplitude-modulated EMG controller. This allows the device to be used by anyone, without the need to use complex control systems and multiple electrodes.


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