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EXO / Exoskeleton Race



About the Team

"Together with my team, I do my best to make our dream of exorehabilitation come true for everyone. There should be no financial or geographic obstacles to get a good rehabilitation and professional support. I am proud to lead this team with talented and creative thinkers from all over the world," says Ekaterina Bereziy, co-founder and CEO of ExoAtlet. The motorized exoskeleton is designed for patients during rehabilitation. Its purpose is that even people with a complete paraplegia can keep on walking.

The development started in 2014, and pilot Denis has been with the team from the beginning: "In 2015, Denis was one of our first pilots and tested the first prototype. He is incredibly motivated, trains regularly and is a real role model for young people with disabilities," praises Ekaterina.

About the Pilot

Yura Sidorov works in an international company as Data Analyst. He keeps track of technologies that make the lives of people with disabilities better, and, more importantly, contributes to their development. 

He has a history of participating in similar competitions:

  • 2016 he participated in Cybathlon in Zurich, and his performance was outstanding
  • 2017 he participated in the Neurothlon competition in Saint Petersburg
  • 2018 he took second place in the Neurothlon in the BCI discipline (control avatar in a racing game using a brain-computer interface) that itself was a part of our @ExoRehabSpotlights symposium
  • 2019 he took second place in the NWL discipline of the Neurothlon (control a powered wheelchair using a BCI interface and eye tracking!)


November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

ExoAtlet - Team Portrait

November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

ExoAtlet - Yura Sidrov

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