EXO / Exoskeleton Race



About the Team

RISE (Research and innovation in student exoskeleton development) - the name says it all. Together with the student initiative "Socially Engaged Engineers" (SEI), the Department of Medical Engineering at the TU Berlin is launching RISE, an innovative and practice-oriented module at the TU Berlin to enable paraplegics to "stand up" and walk.
Together with the pilots, transdisciplinary teams of more than 30 students are developing and optimizing the robotic exoskeleton - a high-end assistive device - from scratch. The goal is to build a competitive exoskeleton in successive work packages, such as conception, development, production and testing, which will be victorious in the competition of para-athletes at the CYBATHLON 2024.

About the Pilot

We have not yet decided on the final pilot yet.

About the Device

The system is currently in the concept phase and the student groups are developing the first functional samples in methodical steps.

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