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EXO / Exoskeleton Race



About the Team

The exoskeleton Atalante from Wandercraft will stand out at CYBATHLON, because it enables the pilot to walk without crutches, Atalante is self-balancing. "We are developing a new generation of exoskeletons,” team manager Vaiyee Huynh emphasizes self-confidently. It’s a demanding task to keep an adult person and the exoskeleton in balance on an even surface. At the CYBATHLON parcours this will be even more difficult. Vaiyee is fully aware of this: “To ensure stability on the obstacle course will be the most difficult part for us.” Behind her team is the French firm Wandercraft, founded in 2012, which develops and manufactures exoskeletons. “We are currently working on a more agile and lightweight version that could be used in urban environments. Our goal is to improve the daily lives of millions of people with limited mobility” Vaiyee explains.

About the Pilot

"I am excited and motivated to be an active part of the technological development that improves the quality of life and mobility of people with limited mobility." says Kevin Piette. "I train for the CYBATHLON twice a week, so I can be challenged and try out the latest technologies. Our Atalante exoskeleton is self-balancing, so, different from other products, crutches are not needed.” Kevin uses a wheelchair in everyday life and also plays tennis with it. An accident eight years ago left him paraplegic. CYBATHLON is more than competition for him: “I don't know how big our chances of winning are, but I also want to take the opportunity to show that exoskeletons work without crutches and that in the near future this technology can be used in everyday life, on the street". explains the Frenchman. “For the future I would like to have a lighter and more mobile version of the exoskeleton, so I can use it in my everyday life.”


November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

Wandercraft - Team Portrait

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